Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Less Is The Same: The 7.5 oz. Dr. Pepper - Coke - Etc.

A Sweet Drink Tax avoidance?

Saving the environment?

Less for the same?

I was surprised the other day when I walked past a soft drink display at my local WalMart. It was a ways away from the other soft drinks, but yet it had all of the major brands. The catch was they were all 7.5 oz. cans in a plastic ring 8 pack
Say what?

Yes Matilda, they are changing the size. The can size reduction is 5/8ths the size of the now standard 12 oz. can, but the 8 pack is a 1/3 increase in the number of cans. Or to look at another way they are selling you 60 oz. of soda per pack rather than 72 oz. which equals one standard can less than before. Now at WalMart they were selling the 7.5 oz. 8 pack for $3.98 or 50 cents per can. You can bet that price won't stay that low for long. It will climb right up to the edge of the price point and never leave there.

So here we are.
The New Coke again.
The new everything again.
Only 90 calories! That's the pitch. Less than 100 calories per drink will be the ads.

They of course brought out the half standard cans (6 oz.) several years ago. They seem to sell well enough but didn't become the standard size. Then late last year they tried out the 20 Coke/DP/etc. pack as a replacement for the 24 pack. Nope it wasn't a hit.

This 7.5 oz. size seems to be an all out attack to sell us less for the same.

The old 6 oz. Coca Cola

Now I was raise drinking 6 oz. DP's and Cokes, and I've watched over the decades as the soft drink pushers have peddled larger and larger version of their product until now the push-back from the culture and the government is too large to ignore.

So now the Wizards of Soft Drink OZ have given us their decision: 7.5 oz.

What do you think?

Less is enough?

Bottoms up!


Deanna said...

I'm old enough to remember the 6 oz. bottles and regular fast food hamburgers the size of what are now marketed as kiddie burgers. I also recall a time when obesity rates were much lower. Will soda can size reduction help? Not unless that becomes the norm and I rather doubt consumers as a whole are willing to cut back.

drlobojo said...

Well I bought some of these just to have a couple of the cans. So I found myself grabbing two of them when I drank them. After all, they are "small" aren't they? So instead of 12 oz I was drinking 15 oz, duh.