Friday, May 14, 2010

It Is STILL The Methane Hydrates Stupid

For millions of years sea life has been forming methane hydrates as it dies.
It is in layer upon layer at the bottoms of the worlds oceans. What happens when our upper world drills into that lower world?

BP et. al. are lying through their teeth.

They are so far out of their league that it would be laughable if it was not so damn serious.

The Coast Guard Admiral in charge on the government side of things was asked on MSNBC this morning was this anything like the EXXON Valdez spill, he said no, "It is more like the Apollo XIII disaster."

Yes it is Admiral, yes it is, but the oil companies are proposing terrestrial solutions to a problem way far out of what they know. The world down there at 5000 feet below sea level on a surface unknown to man might as well be on the moon.

Watch this lie: "It is ICE CRYSTALS"

The Containment Dome failed because of ice crystals.
The Top Hat isn't going to be used because of ice crystals.
We are going to insert a smaller pipe into the broken pipe to avoid ice crystals from forming.

Them there "ice crystals" are high explosive methane hydrates. If they actually drilled through methane hydrates, which is highly probable given their location, then every time they heat them up, say with concrete to seal in the well, they will expand into a deadly explosive gas. BP et. al. know this. They are playing a game of Russian Roulette here. Every attempt to stop the flow is a chance that it will blow up. That's why they have set aside their two "containment cap" efforts. The dome and the hat could have concentrated the methane hydrates and then melted them and ....well....boom. A normal proceedure of an explosive collar to crimp the pipe could do the same thing.

As one U.S, Senator said yesterday, they are making this up as they go.

Using the Admiral's Apollo XIII metaphor, the problem is BP et. al. are no NASA.
Well who can do this then?
No one is going to step in and take this over. Why would they? BP et. al. can't get off the tiger or it will eat them. God help BP et. al. to find a solution. Pray that I'm full of shit and they get lucky or smart.

Meanwhile moms and pops and kiddies all along the Gulf are in a lose lose world.
The oil/gas companies other than BP et. al. may pay for these guy's hubris with their very existence.
The hydrocarbon world will drown in a nasty sump, once called the Gulf of Mexico.

In that world, Cassandra will be the optimist.

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