Friday, May 14, 2010

It Is Now Official: It Is The Methane Hydrates Stupid

You know why BP wouldn't release this picture?
Number one: The white stuff coming out is not natural gas it is methane hydrates converted to methane. That's why the containment domes froze up for sure.
Number two: There is much more oil coming out than they have been claiming. Maybe 5 to 8 times as much, and the amount of methane is not even being discussed.
Now it is a crime scene.
It is time.....


drlobojo said...

Finally the mendicants and academics are overpowering the corporate sounds bites with some modicum of truth. The owl of Minerva (Bubo) only flies at dusk, (figure that one out yourself).

So I will stop my Cassandra mutterings and leave the forecast to her brother, to whom real people really listen.

Here is some stuff from today:

"The spewing crude was eluding BP's latest containment effort, which captured a small amount of the gushing pollutants before equipment became dislodged Sunday.

Researchers have found more underwater plumes of oil than they can count from the blown-out well, said Samantha Joye, a professor of marine sciences at the University of Georgia. She said careful measurements taken of one plume showed it stretching for 10 miles, with a 3-mile width.

The hazardous effects of the plume are two-fold. Joye said the oil itself can prove toxic to fish swimming in the sea, while vast amount of oxygen are also being sucked from the water by microbes that eat oil. Dispersants used to fight the oil are also food for the microbes, speeding up the oxygen depletion."
--AP--By JASON DEAREN and JEFFREY COLLINS, Associated Press Writers

The Sump of Mexico, The Gulf of the Dead Zone, The Southern Stink, what other names for our new construct would be appropriate?

drlobojo said...

So on Sunday May 16th on the second try they got a smaller pipe inside the large drill pipe:

"AP - BP said Monday it was siphoning more than one-fifth of the oil that has been spewing into the Gulf for almost a month, as worries escalated that the ooze may reach a major ocean current that could carry it through the Florida Keys and up the East Coast."

So, good news. Only 4/5ths of the oil is still spewing out of the well 5000 feet down on the floor of the Gulf. Which of course means that it only takes six days plus of gushing oil to equal the EXXON Valdez spill rather than five days.

Some semblance of reality is creeping in, however slowly. Today, I actually heard the "ice" referred to as "methane hydrates".