Sunday, May 2, 2010

FREE OIL: Lousiana Govenor Jindal To Boost Tourism With New Free Oil Festival

Satire sometimes becomes reality. The Movie "Network" is such a fine example. So maybe this satirical suggestion might actual be of some practical value. Why not have all Americans scoop it up out of the Gulf or off of the beaches and take it back to their home where it belongs? You know sort of a Lousiana Dunkirk Scale Oil Cleanup.

Thanks to Fake Consultant for his viewpoint:

To attract tourists, Louisiana governor announces free oil giveaway
Submitted by fake consultant on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 2:45am
Baton Rouge (FNS)—Facing both a massive oil slick from a sunken offshore drilling platform and a second year of declining tourism revenues along the Louisiana Gulf Coast caused by high gas prices, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal today introduced a new tourism promotion that he reports is going to “...make lemons into lemonade”.
Jindal, flanked by British Petroleum's Director of Marketing Dick Timoneous and the Executive Director of the Louisiana State Tourism Board, Jenna Talia, announced that the “All The Oil You Can Carry Festival” would officially commence today just east of New Orleans, and last at least through the month of May. MORE....

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Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

I was listening to a report on BBC America last night, and Gov. Jindal is trying to "get out in front" as they say, of this crisis. The problem, of course, is that he is a member of a party that is so far in the tank with the oil companies, and is a governor of a state so far in the tank with the oil companies, that his righteous indignation over the potential hazard to his state's natural resources is as fake as George Bush's compassion.

As soon as someone, somewhere, can give me an example of any industry adopting safety standards "voluntarily" that are costly (the emergency shut-off valves were considered by Clinton's Administration, but as soon as Cheney got in to office, they became "voluntary"), I will change my mind.

Even Pres. Obama bears some responsibility with his remarks, just a few short weeks ago, supporting off-shore-drilling without, first, a consideration of tightening regulations, including safety regulations. Many men died, and an entire eco-system under threat, because of lax regulations. I really, really have no wish to listen to "arguments" from people who say that this accident is irrelevant. It is precisely the worst-case scenario that regulation is designed to prevent.

drlobojo said...

I watch the Jindal's press conference yesterday. He claimed responsibility for every positive action taken in Louisiana regarding the oil spill. I think he might have pretty well pissed off all of those La. Parish presidents who jumped in and organized things earlier in the week.

An important part of hubris is believing your own lies. BP believed their own propaganda and there in lies the fault. Would you believe it was a Haliburton crew working on the well head when it blew?

What seems to be missed in all of this is that this was an exploratory well. They were drilling in the deepest water ever. They were well beyond their known safety zones without redundant safety systems.

By the time this is over the Federal Government will own BP Plc, Haliburton, Transocean Ltd., Anadarko Petroleum,and every investor involved. In other words 60% of American oil is about to be Nationalized, along with a big chunk of land based mining, and the largest fix-it corporation in the world. All because BP Plc/ Anadarko didn't spend $500,000 on another redundant cut off valve.

"Never let a crisis go to waste."

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