Monday, May 3, 2010

Bury Ostrich Eggs All The Way To Mars

Another brilliant idea........

One of the problems with manned spaced flights to places like Mars is that you got to carry your food with you. I have recently watched a couple of TV shows about this and read about it in some scientific publications.

All of the solutions seem to be some exotic type of space farming. Well maybe if your in a Starship headed out to the edge of the Milky Way a space horticulture system is a solution.

But for a trip of a year or three there's a better way.
In the Kalahari when Bushmen traveled long distances they did not attempt to carry all of the water and food they needed with them. Instead they cached it along the way. Let us say they were going on a trip to a place eight days away one way. They would start a trip with all the water and food they could carry (water was carried in sealed Ostrich eggs from which it would not evaporate) let's say they could carry six days worth. So they walk out two days, bury a cache of of two days worth and use the remaining two days worth to get back. They take another six days worth hike out three days, and bury one days worth of supplies and come back using the two days worth remaining and one days which was left at the two day cache. Now they have two days of travel supplies cached and are carrying six days so they can make the eight day trip.

Remember Disney's " Man In Space Series"

Want to go to Mars in a lighter faster ship. Send the supplies, food, water, fuel, materials, out in separate ships (Ostrich eggs) with them rendezvousing with the passenger ship at the times they will need them. All the way there, while they are there, and all the way back.

So maybe they have already thought of this but if they have it hasn't been shown in the simpleton's media I frequent.

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