Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vivienne, The Cat, Spent Her 1st Birthday Up A Tree

Vivienne our foster cat is one year old today. When I walked outside with my coffee this morning the first thing I heard was a plaintiff meow. She was back up the tree she climbed last week and would not come down.

So I spent the morning trying to get her down.

This video is of Vivienne up the tree!

This video is why I have spent the afternoon in bed fortified with pain killers.

Yes, Vivienne is now down out of the tree.


Trixie said...

OUCH. I am sorry for you and the camera (hope it is OK...) hope YOU are OK. Glad Vivienne made it down. Hope she didn't laugh at you. Feel better!

drlobojo said...

Camera is fine.
Me,nothing actually broken, but lots of stuff bunged up. The older you get the longer this shit takes to get right.
Thanks for asking.

Carol said...

That little cat is big trouble. That was a fairly funny video, though!

drlobojo said...

The first video was funny. The second video was more in the pathetic catagory. Tripped over the handle of the wagon used to bring in concrete mix the day before. Fortunately the earth was "soft" from rain the day before.

BB-Idaho said...

Nuthin like a good 'reality show'..:)