Friday, April 16, 2010

Wild Horses

Wild horses. The BLM graciously lets ferrel horses and donkeys to roam our public lands.
I always enjoy seeing these guys when I roam the out back of Western America. Most times they are too far away or too skittish for me to get close enough for a photo. Sometimes I get lucky. These two were West of Laramie Wyoming two weeks ago grazing on God-knows-what cause I could not see anything edible.
Yes, that is snow on the ground.
Next month I've been invited to the barrier islands off North Carolina where another wild American horse roams. I've been told I'll need a sand-dune-Jeep and a lot of luck to get good photos of them as well. I'll rent the jeep and see if I can court the luck.

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Geoffrey Kruse-Safford said...

Once, Lisa and I went to Assateague Island. There are wild horses there, but all we saw of them were large piles of horse apples. Good luck.