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Muhammed Bear Makes Trouble Again (A JTB Post)

Censored Version of the Bear

Two and a half years ago I shared my concerns about a bear named Muhammad that stirred up a ruckus in Sudan. I seems as though the same bear has gotten in trouble again by appearing on South Park the cable TV show. I guess that is what a little attention and noteriety can do to you, first you make the news and next thing you know you are appearing everywhere.

Uncensored version of the Bear

I wonder where Muhammad The Bear will show up next?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Muhammad Bear

Strange but True Tale About a Chinese Teddy Bear in Sudan

sudan 3

Fatman had the TV on this morning and I heard this story about a teacher who was going to be whipped because she sent a teddy bear home with her children. I was really really worried. Mama Bear is a Teacher and she gives her kids teddy bears all the time. Would she get in trouble too?


Fatman said , no Mama Bear will be just fine. We live in America and we don't do things like that here. I got on my computer and looked up "Sudan teddy bear" and got a lot of things about this story. Here is the picture of the teacher and of Muhammad the teddy bear. It seems that Sudan is a very very strict religious country that has something called Muslim Law. The head prophet of the Muslims was name Muhammad and in honor of him lots of parents name their boys Muhammad. So one of the teacher's students named Muhammad wanted to name the teddy bear after himself and she let him. Well naming anything Muhammad is considered disrespectful to Muhammad. Boys are people but they claim teddy bears are things. So she has been charged with a crime and may be punished a whole bunch.

I know this bear by the way. Mama Bear has one just like him and he is made in China and is a lot of trouble. So I am not surprised that he is the one causing trouble.


It makes me very very very sad to think that a teacher like Mama Bear is in jail and will be hurt because the teddy bear was named after some guy that died a long time ago.

suddan 5

When I was looking on the web I also found this picture of a teddy bear in Sudan. I wondered if this teddy was named Muhammad? I bet they won't whip this little boy, because he would probably shoot them. Sudan must be a very strange place. It lets boys carry rifles and punishes teachers for naming teddy bears.

sudan 2

I also learned while reading about Sudan that if you are really bad and blaspheme God there they will cut off your head. I am really worried that the teddy bear Muhammad might have his head cut off. Fatman says no that won't happen and I should not worry about it. So I asked about whether in my country would Mama Bear get in trouble if she named a teddy bear after God's son, Jesus? After all she has had many kids in her school named Jesus. Nope, that won't happen Fatman said. Even as weird as we get sometimes he said, we still live in America and have our freedoms.

sudan 4

Well now I feel better about Mama Bear and know that she is safe. But I am still worried about that bear and teacher in Sudan. I do hope the Chinese don't get mad at the people in Sudan if they do hurt their teddy bear made in China. Also I do hope that people in America don't get like those people in Sudan. I don't know much, but I know God can take care of himself. He doesn't need that kind of help. Cause there are two kinds of help Mama Bear says. There is the kind of help that helping is all about, and there is the kind of help that we can do without.


Editor: The story about the teacher can be found at:

Editor: Friday November 30 Update: The 54 year old teacher has been convicted in court of showing disrespect for Islam and sentenced to 15 days in jail and then will be expelled from Sudan. No word on what happened to the Bear of the Children involved. Mobs in sudan inflamed by sermons delivered at Friday prayers are demanding that the teacher be put to death. The government of Sudan seems to be using the incident to create a crises with Brittan. Will this be the Teddy Bear that started a war? Where is Chinese Lord Gordon when we need him?


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drlobojo said...

I am so sorry Junior to have to tell you this, but Fatman was too optimistic about America fundamentalist. They do want to punish the South Park people for blaspheme. Sorry Junior, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. they all got their weirdos even (or especially) in America.