Monday, March 8, 2010

Will Hypoxia Eutrophication Lead to Dystopia

More Climate Change Effects:

In 1973 the movie "Soylent Green" came out. The basic premise of the movie was that Earth's population was subsisting on phytoplankton products from the oceans and the oceans were dying from hypoxia. So the governments had resorted to recycling human protein into Soylent Green as food for the population.

In 1973 I was a graduate assistant. Most Friday afternoons the students and faculty of the university Geography department where I was working on my graduate degree left around noon. The graduate assistants being un-supervised would go to lunch at the Pizza Hut and stay for the afternoon for a Geographic seminar lubricated by liberal amounts of wine and 7-Up coolers. The premise of Soylent Green was the subject of several of these seminars. We even scrounged up the oceanographic charts showing the areas of oxygen depletion both natural and man made. The school was in Southern California and the subject of the oceans dying were of high interest.

Now almost 40 years latter the subject is coming up for real. Since 2002 there has been a consistent layer of Hypoxia off the coast of the NW United States. The area of Hypoxia at the mouth of the Mississippi is growing.

Climate change changes more than climate.


BB-Idaho said...

I was in college about 10 years prior to 'Soylent'. We rushed from P-Chem lab to a quiet second floor
study nook to catch the latest
'Bullwinkle & Rocky' on the corner TV. Hypoxia eutriphication was probably our fault?

drlobojo said...

Say, have you seen that the pollution levels in penguin poop has gone up some magnifcant percent.