Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Rise of Bullies in America

OK, these are dogs, but don't they just look exactly like the sour countenance of the current Republican leadership? Sorry doggies, no offense.

Have you ever been bullied?

One third of school children 1-12 grades report being bullied at least twice a year.

The highest level of bullying happens in the 6 and 7 th grades. (the emotional and intellectual level of the majority of our elected representatives State and Federal)

Half of all workers report at least two instances of bullying a year.(mainly by those in authority)

Most bullies are men.

Most bullies never change their habits but can be inhibited by social or peer pressure.

All this sound familiar?

So when 40 or 41 bullies hold up health care for a year at the cost of 45,000 un-necessary deaths from those who don't have health insurance should we be surprised?

When they say we don't care if you did win the election we don't want you to govern, should we be surprised?

When the last guys running America are still trying to bully the public, are we doing anything about it?

When this gang of bullies ban together to destroy the first "black" president as much for the fact that he is black as he is not of their gang, should we care?

We have seen the rise of bullies in all aspects of our society. The rules, even the laws, don't apply any more. Civil Rights, harassment, all that enforcement has had its teeth pulled.

Now, our courts are going to let the bullies actually carry guns on their hips damn near any place they please. Intimidation and bullying by their mere presence.

From the Hallowed Halls Of Congress to the local greasy spoon there are bullies everywhere you turn. They've always been there, but now they seem to be reinforcing one another and even have an agenda of sorts: "If you want something then you must ask me for it, even if it is yours in the first place."

Are we in a downward cycle? Will we not stand up to these bullies? Will our leaders not each grow a pendulant pair and use them?

You know, I am somewhat certifiable myself. I'm a bit crazy. But you know if I begin to feel intimidated by the gonadless dickheads sporting a 9mms on their hips(or an M-2, .50 cal mounted on their truck) at my local eatery I might just play the game myself. I can legally carry a automatic shotgun around with me in this State even where handguns are now posted as forbidden. Neat, huh? Hell if I buy the small "child's hunting guns" I don't even need to have a background check or be registered. Shit it is the same for any black powder pistol. You don't even need a permit to carry. I'll just take my .44 cal revolver and fill the chambers with 60 grams of powder and a ball and be ready to rock-n-roll. Wild West, bring it on friends and neighbors.

So I guess I got a mite off subject. OK, maybe I'll not do that gun thingy, but then if the other guy.....


drlobojo said...

Those 45,000 deaths in the past year of saying NO equals 1125 dead people per Bully Senator. That's just shy of three kills per day or about one every 8 hours. That's a really high kill ratio.

Deanna said...

My husband believes that the guys who think they always have to be armed are simply scared little cowards, not "big and bad" like they pretend to be. And as for this whole health care thing, I am fed up with the whole bunch. The Republicans for their lies and obstructionism and the Democrats for their lack of "pendulant pairs".

BB-Idaho said...

Many furious people out there these days. Not sure what they want...and doubt they do either.

drlobojo said...

The most dangerous person with a gun is one who is scared.

Americans are waking up to the feeling that they have been scammed, but aren't sure how or what to do about it.

America is filling up with nickle and dime Messiahs vying for a following, but the "brown shirts" seem to always come out first. Bullies are always useful in the beginning.