Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Lord there are More: Needle Eye Artist

OK, I should be packing, the car needs an oil change, I need to buys some batteries at the store, and yes I am still digging into the world where work is done "between heart beats" to keep the hand steady.

If ever there was a tangible product of Zen and Yoga these little things are it.

This series of works are from a man named Hagop Sandaldjian.
He worked in the 1970-80's so the photos are not as sharp as Wigan's digital ones.

For more of his work and explanations of the photos above, check out The Museum Of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.

But these is still one more:
What makes these special is that the mosaic are built from scales obtained from butterfly wings.

Once again they are at The Museum Of Jurassic Technology.

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