Friday, February 26, 2010

-----VOTE NO FOR THE U.S. SENATE----- Stupid Old Man Screws Millions of Americans

One Senator (Jim Bunning) who is not running for re-election blocks an extension on unemployment and COBRA health insurance. The bill had full support from Democrats and Republicans. Why do we have to put up with this imperious behavior from a stupid old man who believes himself to be the Kentucky Messiah?

It is too bad there isn't some simply way to transfer all of the anguish-harm-and pain men like this cause directly into their own nervous system. Is it arrogance, hubris, or dementia that makes them think they should be able to exercise such actions and ANSWER TO NO ONE ABOUT WHAT THEY DO.

What kind of SCREWED up system is the U.S. Senate that they have these archaic dumb ass rules? And of course our Oklahoma Senators are among the worst offenders.

As I said before, let's impeach the whole crowd. All of them. Hose out the whole place. If they can't fix themselves then there should be a wholesale expulsion. Then let us reform and remake the Senate into a reasonable arm of the legislative branch or, if not, then take them out of the Constitution.



BB-Idaho said...

Perhaps some other senator will filibuster Bunning's fat gov't retirement package?

drlobojo said...

I won't hold my breath till that happens. The Republican Senators hate the twirt but still won't even critizie him, much less punish him.

drlobojo said...

Saturday-Sunday-Monday and the senile old fool is still blocking the bill.

Keep it up Bunning butt. The longer you hold out the more the Republicans' spiteful temperments are revealed. Hold fast and hurt as many as you can!

drlobojo said...

Fox News's Neil Cavuto has painted Bunning as a hero and a victim of the Democrats, and even got Presidential hopeful Romney to paise Bunning's stand.

Dear God!