Monday, February 8, 2010

The Law Is Not Sitting Well With America ?

Republican leaders such as Kit Bond keep saying that the Obama Administration should not have "Miranda-ized" the Christmas under-ware bomber.

I guess elected representatives simple don't know what the Law of the Land requires. The FBI, your local State Police, of county sheriff can't arrest you without "Miranda Rights" read to you or anyone else arrest in America regardless of citizenship or status. That's what SCOTUS has ruled to be Constitutional Law of the Land.

Joe Scarborough, ex-Congressman and MSNBC pundit, says that "Miranda -izing" the bomber doesn't sit well with the American people.

The Law doesn't sit well with the American people?
The Senate and Congressional leadership doesn't know what the Law is? They are willfully ignorant of the Law?

Wait, wait, I may be wrong about this. SCOTUS has recently overturned hundred year old Law and precedence, maybe they can overturn this too. I mean, if it doesn't sit well with the majority shouldn't we get rid of it?

Shall we throw out "Miranda Rights" and revert to the Law as of the McCarthy era?
Does the Tea Party whine "we want our country back" mean the one from 1950?

My suggestion is that we cancel the Fox drama "24" and shut down "Nic At Night" they are having to much influence on our current politics.

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