Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Coming Insurrection - The Invisible Committee-Beck's Plan: Make Them Afraid, Very Afraid

So I am watching Glen Beck on Saturday night. Not really on purpose mind you, but I was flipping by and he was talking about insurrection with two experts I had never heard of nor recognized and I paused. Here he was re-hashing the fear mongering of the French book called "The Coming Insurrection" by the Invisible Committee. He has been promoting the horrors of this book for a couple of years.

OK, OK, let's see what this awesome work of inspiration said, that it so aroused Beck's intellectual and patriotic concerns.

The Coming Insurrection - The Invisible Committee: Is available in HTML and pdf at this site.

So I read it. Boring. The Invisible Committee's sophomoric understanding of their own fantasies is to organize communes? Whoops, I recognize it! It is a roll-playing script. It's like the premise documents guys write to do group roll playing. It's missing the scoring and power level stuff etc. but that's what it reads like.

Beck, Beck, Beck dude this ain't nothing. There's no real blueprint here, not even a good outline for a block party. Man, go get a copy of Che Guevara's "The War of the Guerrilla". That book is a step by step way to do an insurrection. I mean if you want to do one, do it Che's way. He helped father the longest running insurrection in modern history.

Beck, buddy, this book you are currently trying to scare people with wouldn't even make a good comic book.

Maybe he is counting on his audience not actually reading the book (did he read it). Even the 9-12 people can read however. Guys, know you enemy, is the second rule of fighting someone. WET is the formula. W=Weather, E=Enemy, T=Terrain are the basic things the U.S. military teaches you to know before going into battle. So, read the book. Know your enemy.

Now really if this book is the organizing point for your enemy, you've got no worry. There ain't enough there to...heck I've already said that. Now if someone starts distributing "The Art of War" and/or "The War of the Guerrilla", then MAYBE you should listen to Beck.

I can't believe that I actually read the damn thing, at least now I know that the French still aren't a threat to anyone.


BB-Idaho said...

Beck. I'm still waiting for the
'Give Em Enough Rope' theory. Even a few conservatives are starting to
figure him out....

drlobojo said...

Roger Ailes will only keep him as long as he is profitable. Right now he is in dead air time slot selling gold coins.

オテモヤン said...
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