Friday, January 22, 2010

Seismic Activity Detected At Teddy Roosevelt's Tomb


Well the 2010 SCOTUS has told Teddy Roosevelt that in 1907 he (and his SCOTUS) didn't understand the Constitution and that they have had to fix his mistakes. Muck is now the law of the land, any and all political corporate muck is legal.

But what the hey, huh? We started down this trail in 1968 with the anti-Great Society laws and rulings. Nixon was just the start. I mean, think about it, the first time your elected officials name a civic center or publicly finance ball park after Delta Airlines or Pepsi Cola you knew we on our way to this did you not?

But we should not really panic should we?

I mean what we are doing is simply returning to the 19th Century practice of Robber Barons meeting in smoke filled back rooms with their wholly owned political operatives and office holders to determine who will be nominated and elected to political office. I mean how bad can that really be. It used to work. Seriously, can we do any worse letting the political system operate in that fashion than we, the electorate have done, say, since 1968?

Was Nixon, or Ford, or Carter, or Regan, or Bush H., or Clinton, or Bush the W. all that great a choice? I mean gee guys, none of them were really worth a shit in the scheme of things and they all were elected by the electorate, the people, and all under some sort of corporate restrictions on campaigning. History is not going to be kind to any of these guys and they were all elected by us the individual voters.

Now really how much worse can the educated elite wealthy interlocking incestuous corporate board members do? As my old mother never said, it is half dozen of one and six of another.

I mean what we really want is someone in the middle. We need a die hard median middle of the roader, a John Spruce Society member even. Those on the margins will have to go whether be they on the right or left, up or down.

I mean, tame will be the mantra of the future. No place for any kind of radical there.
What goes around comes around.
Welcome back to 1906.

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