Monday, January 4, 2010

Now, Again, What's The Story?

Man skirts NJ airport security, delaying flights

Writer Kim Gamel, Associated Press Writer – 26 mins ago

NEWARK, N.J. – A man walked through a screening checkpoint exit into the secure side of a terminal at one of the nation's busiest airports on Sunday night, and flights were grounded for hours and passengers had to be re-screened while air safety officials searched for him.
Airline passengers were allowed to begin boarding their planes at Newark Liberty International Airport about six hours after the man was seen bypassing security.
The man walked down an exit lane at Terminal C about 5:30 p.m., Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Ann Davis said, and screening was halted while authorities looked at surveillance tapes to try to identify him.
Passengers were then moved from the secure side of the terminal, which is used primarily by Continental Airlines Inc., to the open side to go through screening again, Davis said in a statement. Passengers waited in check-in areas.


Now, tell me, what is the story?

The story is having (immediately ?) sealed off the boarding area, and having a video of what he looked like, they still never found him. Nope, the guy walks into a secure area, and every human being in that area is removed and examined, looked over and searched, and none, not one, nobody was identified as the guy. He vanished into thin air.

Now isn't that the real story?
Sleep well tonight, unless you live in any flight line within the entire U.S..


drlobojo said...

Just a small postscript: The first time I read that headline I read it "Man In Skirts NJ Airport Security Delaying Flights."

Surely they could find a guy in skirts.

drlobojo said...

So a week or so later they caught him and charged him with trespass. It seems he wanted to give his lady friend who had gone through security one last kiss.

Can we build more trains?