Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JTB's Fatman Walks The Beach

The beach is in far South West Louisiana. The Water is brown but chocked full of life.
Dolphins patrolled just off shore in the muddy water

Shrimp boats were just off shore and further out were dozens of oil rigs.

This is at Holley Beach. Totally wiped off the face of the earth by the last two hurricanes.
Some people are rebuilding, but higher and stronger than before.

Junior The Bear and Fatman visited in June of 2009. This is Fatman trolling the shore line for good trash and doubloons.

Keeping JTB from collecting all the dead things was difficult.

A fossilized whale bone.

A sea bean.

Long fish.


Erudite Redneck said...

Whale bone fossil, cool.

What trhe heck is a sea bean?

drlobojo said...

The bones were found in a layer of fossil clam shells and mud where the waves were eroding a swamp area. There were four bones total. Might have been more but the tide was coming in making it impossible to search in the layer for more than a few minutes.

Fossil whale bones were probably from a small version of a primitive Eocene whale (Basilosaurus cetoides)often found in that area.

Sea Beans, well Fatman says I have to google them so:

Holly Beach, were we all were, is about 2 hours from YB's place.

I'm headed down to Corpus next week. Too dang cold to hang out here.