Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama and Afghanistan (for those who have ears to hear: LISTEN)

Did you see all those cadets at West Point LISTENING to Obama? Did you see how the Senior Class (those were the ones seated on the front rows) came down to shake his hand and say something to him?

It has been so long since a Commander in Chief knew what he was doing that the Pundits did not hear what he said. But those cadets did. The Generals did.

What he gave was a straight un-impassioned War College Plan of Attack, Destroy, and Hold.

Read the damn thing.

He said the thing he is really worried about is the Pakistani Nukes.
He said, we are going to sanitize the provinces all along the Pakistani/Afghan border.
We are going to cut off the Taliban flow across the border and isolate the Pakistani Taliban.
We are going to make deals and bargains with the interior Afghan Taliban leaders to not harbor Alkida and not attack the central government.
Then we will, in concert with Pakistan squeeze the Pakistani Taliban between us until they are crushed along with the Alkida harbored by them.

Then we will pull out most of the troops and leave NATO/U.S. Urban garrisons at the two major cities and protect the road between them. This will assure Pakistan that India will not fill a vacuum with the Taliban.

He said to Afghanistan, Pakistan, NATO, and the Pentagon, "I'll give you 18 months then we are coming home." "Get it done, period !"

That's what I heard.