Friday, November 27, 2009

For These I give Thanks:

For these I give thanks:

...that my father stopped the old Case tractor before it's front wheels got to my head while it was running over me when I was two years old.

...that I had a little brother to play with and torture as I grew up.

... that my Dad got me the best dog in the whole world when I was six, His name was Rocky.

... that both milk cows died before I was old enough to milk them.

... that I was raised on a farm in Southwestern Oklahoma where I could see the horizons and the stars every day and walk as far in any direction as I wanted to.

... that I went to a small school where the first grade teacher knew I was bright and taught me to read even though it was hard for me and on her, because even though she had never heard of someone being dyslexic, she knew I could do it.

...that none of my car wrecks ever killed me.

... that I never actually made it to the mission field for the Southern Baptist Convention.

... that the first woman I asked to marry me married my college room mate instead.

... that the Air Force "annulled" my commission when they discovered that they had made a mistake on how bad my eyesight was.

... That even after being drafted I had the good sense of becoming Regular Army and joining the Army Security Agency.

... that I met the cutest little girl while I was waiting to go into the Army; 42 years and counting with her.

... that I was ignorant of the future and decided to have kids, which is the best thing I ever did.

... that I came home from Vietnam, alive.

... that the PTSD is manageable most of the time.

... that I haven't killed anyone in over 40 years.

... that nine months before my second son was born that my wife told me, but I don't have my diaphragm in, and I said, what the hell...

... that true madness is always temporary.

...that I had meaningful work careers for most of my life, but that work was always just a means to an end.

...that all of my children have turned out to be honest, true, and good people.

...that somewhere I learn the joy of learning, and that I live in the age of the Internet and Google.

...that my last employers were greedy when they constructed their golden parachutes so that when they told me to jump they at least gave me a bronze one.

...that I'm retired.

...that my wife's retired.

...that I have some disposable income left over at the end of each month (so far).

...that my Internist Doctor seems to give a shit about my staying alive.

...that my one and only wife is still my best friend even knowing what we know about each other.


Carol said...

I am thankful for all that too!

Okie Book Woman said...

Good list, drlobojo. I'm also grateful (and glad that the first woman you asked to marry you had the good sense to marry the roommate instead, since we all know now that you two would never have lasted!). And, in spite of it all, or because of it all, you are indeed my best friend.

Trixie said...

Aww, now this is a sweet post. True gratitude.

Erudite Redneck said...

This is very cool. Sorry I've been scarce. Jesus School takes a lot of time. Who knew? :-)

jay paul said...

Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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