Thursday, October 29, 2009

Old Fox Appointed To Guard The Chicken Coop

Obama restores private intel board's key power
"WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has restored an independent intelligence advisory board's authority to tell the attorney general if it thinks an intelligence agency has broken the law.
In so doing, Obama reversed a policy implemented about a year ago by President George W. Bush, who limited the ability of the President's Intelligence Oversight Board to expose potential violations of law to the national intelligence director, the president and the agency involved.
The independent panel was established in 1976 in the wake of widespread abuses by U.S. intelligence agencies. Obama also appointed co-chairs for the panel, tapping former Republican former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel and Democratic former Sen. David Boren of Oklahoma."

Back in 2005 a bomber named Joel Henry Hinrichs III "committed suicide" by blowing himself up outside OU's football stadium using a back pack full of an explosives called TATP (a.k.a. The Mother Of Satan). Two weeks later I could still see evidence of bomb shrapnel in a tree and wooden light pole across the street from where Joel died. Don't bother to go look today however the site is all new construction and sanitized.

At the time OU's President Boren said:
"We are apparently dealing with an individual suicide, which is under full investigation."

The story has never changed.

The www is full of stories about all of this, I have only two comments.

How much money would OU lose if this had been declared a terrorist incident and investigated that way?

Who the hell would have gone to any more OU home games?

So congratulations to Obama for appointing such an astute person as Boren to snoop out any false or suspicious behavior in the intelligence community.