Friday, October 30, 2009

Now That Was Fun!

Elsewhere in another blog I relayed a story of mis-spent youth with a bit more exaggeration than I normally use. In doing so, I remembered one of the more interesting times in my life.
Stearman PT model 75
Once upon a time, I got to fly in and even pilot one of these Stearman PT's. I was working as an electrician for a man who also was a crop duster. He had three airplanes. One was a pile of wreckage in a corner of the hanger, one was a Piper Cub, and one was a Stearman biplane.
I got to ride in a plane like these shown, and took at least three flying lesson in it.
Once I went with him on a clean up flight where he was re-spraying fields where the defoliant he applied had left green strips. He flew so low that the wheels were hitting the cotton stalks. He said that's how he knew he was low enough.
Now that was fun.
My lessons and the Stearman came to a bad end, but that's another story.