Monday, September 14, 2009

The Tale Of The Red Goo: A Soon To Be Written Novel


Chapter One

The original fear of unstoppable engulfing goo had to be the 1950's movie THE BLOB. A good movie for its time and of course it introduced Steve McQueen to the screen. So when the announcement of the creation of a molecular chip came years later is it any wonder that forward thinkers were able to combine the chip with other Nano technologies and conceive of nanobots gone rampant in a self replicating form of Grey Goo. Fortunately (or maybe not) the discoverer of the molecular chip was a fraud so the Grey Goo threat was postponed indefinitely.

The concept of self replicating nanites performing ecophagy on whole solar systems however was revived in the long lived science fiction TV series Stargate SG-1. In the Stargate world the Grey Goo scenario is played out by the Replicators. The Replicators are self-replicating machines that seek to convert all civilizations into more of themselves, thus posing a dire threat to all other beings.

Thus as I pondered on the events over this weekend in Washington and and across America this Summer it was these images of the Grey Goo and Replicators that came to mind. The Republican Party out of a sense of frustration and revenge has embrace a group of biological units that seem to mirror the potential for ecophagy that Grey Goo might attain.

John Avalon writing for the Daily Beast give a synopsis of what is going on.

"The weirdness of the Wingnut summer isn’t over. The anger has metastasized into the body politic, and it’s going to get a lot uglier from here.
Obama Derangement Syndrome is establishing itself as a potent political force, able to rally tens of thousands of citizens to the Washington Mall after Glenn Beck’s call. Joe Wilson’s outburst isn’t an embarrassment of incivility to these folks; it is a rallying cry for an army of useful idiots. But Republicans will soon find that they cannot contain or moderate this strain—while Democrats won’t understand what hit them.
The wave of white people that descended on Washington, D.C., this Saturday wasn’t motivated by simple racism, as some liberals might wish—at least that’s what the lady waving the Confederate flag told me. No, this was something else: a pent-up frustration at unprecedented Washington overspending and an individualistic resentment of the welfare state, all mixed with a dose of self-referential patriotism and a spicy dash of paranoia."

Avalon begins to see the Grey Goo in this when he says:

"But Republicans are playing a dangerous game. They are benefitting from all this anger in the short term, but they have tapped into something deep and ugly that they can’t control. Calling the president a communist or even Hitler is something far beyond simple incivility or street theater—it is an accusation that intentionally stirs the crazy pot. It is ultimately an incitement to violence."

In the Science fiction genera it is always the well meaning but naive scientists who releases the Grey Goo. At first I was going to cast Glenn Beck as that character in this story, but heck that would leave out Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and that guy Savage, and O'Reilly, and Fox News and...well you see there's a whole cabal there. So then I realized that the true character here had to be John McCain.

John McCain opened the cages and broke the test tubes when he decided he need these biological units to make him President (in the book's back story it will be that he was still trying to out do his Admiral Father and Grandfather whose coat tails he had rode his whole life until his wife's daddy helped him out). McCain desperate to win something all by himself decides to loose the Goo to help him win. His first step was to anoint Sarah Palin. In a good book Sarah would be the love interest, but I just can't seem to see that so I'm going to cast her in the role of evil temptress.

Here is where the technological Grey Goo becomes the Red Goo of the Populist Republican Revolution. And so we begin the ongoing tale of the Red Goo and its consumption of itself and all around it.

Will the Red Goo turn on its makers?

Will the Red Goo gum up Corporate America?

Will the Red Goo become the Third Political Party of America?

Will Republicans find themselves dissolving into its mess?

As the Saga continues, I will bring you further Chapters.

Look forward to the story about "Sam to Goop" the story of the Red Goo and its adsorption of WalMart.


(more to come)

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