Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waiting for Ted to Die?

Back door conversations of the nasty kind suggest that part of the Congressional Republican Leadership's strategy is to force Health Care Reform far enough into the future so that Ted Kennedy has passed away, and has not yet been replace when the vote takes place. That strips the Democrats down to 59 votes in the Senate at the maximum.

Makes sense in a cold mean spirited way. Of course, the strategy is denied, but given what has been going on at the Town Meetings and on the airways and on cable news, it is not too hard to believe. Right after JFK was murdered many on the far right celebrated, threw their hats into the air, and cheered, until they realized they might be sucked into oblivion for their good feelings. Why should we expect any different actions from their sons and grandsons for his brother Ted.

I'm not a fan of Ted Kennedy, but even I see this as very very bad behavior.

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drlobojo said...

Well he is dead.
Many on the nut case right will see this as nothing less than Divine intervention.
They may be correct.
When his brother JFK died, we got the Civil Rights Bills, and Great Society bills passed.
As Emanuel says no good crisis should go to waste.
Would it not be ironic if the right overplays their hand now and loses because of sympathy for a Kennedy?