Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Senate Republicans: Please Take Your Recess W/O Acting on Clunker Bill

Let me extend my complete support and encouragement to Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl the number one and number two Republicans in the U.S. Senate:

WASHINGTON — Republican opposition is stalling Senate efforts to keep the popular "cash for clunkers" program alive. The program, which gives consumers who trade in old gas-guzzlers for more fuel-efficient models as much as $4,500 each, is likely to end by the weekend unless the Senate approves additional funding.

Senate Republican leaders railed against it Monday, calling the program a model of government inefficiency and out-of-control spending.

The program originally got $1 billion, but all but exhausted that funding last week, its first. The House of Representatives approved another $2 billion on Friday, but the Senate's balking.

Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., the Senate's second-ranking Republican, said Monday that "I don't care about the political risk. I'm concerned about the process and about how the government is going to pay for this . . . $4,500 is a lot of money to give somebody to buy a car who was already going to buy a car."

You are absolutely correct to filibuster this bill and keep Obama from giving away our tax dollars to those Joe Six-Packs and Red Neck Mothers who are trading in their gas guzzling pickup trucks for fuel efficient Ford Focuses. How will we be able to recognize this element on the road if they look like everybody else? This transfer of wealth and melding of social classes needs to be stopped NOW!

Kill this bill before you go home. Please, please kill this bill and show that you are a Party of principles. Don't be worried that selfish self serving hecklers who may have lost out on the deal at the last minute will bother your town meetings. Don't worry about those way too small car dealers for whom a half dozen sales means survival. Kyl is correct it is worth the political risk. Go home and shit on the Health Insurance Reform Bill , if you pass the Clunker Bill that will distract from your efforts to kill the health bill. Americans are satisfied with the health care they have and they should be happy with the cars they have. In the name of Democracy, please kill the Clunker Bill. Do it, I double yellow dog dare you.


Dr. Bill Loney said...

this $$ comin from the stimerlatin package?? didn't care much for it cause so much was backloaded--but whats this--3 bill total? <1/2% that actually does some stimerlatin? Nah, kill it. Dont wont no good vibrations 'fore 2010.
dont reckon they can kill anything... theys just posturatin'

oktenor said...

I heard today that many of the deals being made with clunker cash will result in a negative carbon footprint. Making the new cars produces more carbon than will be saved by the more "efficient" mileage vehicle, at least in the short run. A Prius could make a difference in a year and a half. A Malibu or Fusion could take as much as 10 years. By then, they'd be "clunkers".

drlobojo said...

Dr. Bill you are right on.

Oktenor: The "Green" element of this is mainly for show anyway. In 10 or so years 2/3rds of the cars on the roads today will be outlawed. Things are moving much faster than the climate models have predicted and when the crunch comes it will take place within a year or less (some places it will be days). That's the actual history of Macro climate shifts as per the evidence in fossil records, ice cores, and lake clay varves.
No reason to think this time will be any different. Meanwhile it is a political kabuki dance to keep everybody ignorant and calm, or for those who can't face it, it is just massive self deception.

Best you can do is plan to be in the best place when the time comes.
Trouble is, no one actually knows where that will be.
Except it won't be below an elevation of 400 feet.

Me, I think I'll just bet on my backyard.

Thing is, we will most probably adapt to it just fine when the time comes. That's what we humans do well.