Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Big Bang Equals 25 Universes

During the Inquisition (Spanish one I think) the Inquisitors found a butcher that could not read , write, or understand Latin but went to Mass regular like etc. and thought of himself as a good Catholic. But this guy, let's call him Bob for a reference, was pretty bright though ignorant of almost all dogma or theology. So as Bob sliced up his animals he began to take the oral bible stories and sayings etc. that he had heard in his vernacular language and formed up the Cosmology and Theology of Bob. Bob did this so that he could support in his own mind stuff like the virgin birth, the trinity, a risen Christ and such that was paraded by him in a cryptic Latin that he of course did not understand. So Bob was called to the Inquisitor, as so many were. Bob proudly explained why he believe in God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit using his own framework and self explanations that had helped him understand these complex issues. Of course Bob did not fare well being that such ideas were were quite askew thus definitely heretical even though he had not actually been taught the "correct' cosmology or theology in the first place. In the end, Bob died, under the heresy purging activities.

Some days when I try to comprehend theology, dogma, science, truth, etc. I feel like what I know is about par to Bob's Cosmology, in that I have had to translate it from concepts and languages that I do not actually speak. But like Bob, I am compelled by something to try to sort, and order, and form up some cosmological system that lets me sleep and night and not just chunk it all out the door and live in a state of nihilism (Oklahoma is bad enough).

So, I have created my own cosmology, which we shall term, Dr. Lobo's Cosmic Concoctions.
(Ever notice that the only difference between Cosmic and Comic is a little s?)

So Today I will proudly present my cosmological concoction "One Big Bang Equals 25 Universes".

Like Bob, I will draw upon what I have read and heard that I understand in my own vernacular. In doing so I think I will not issue any convoluted arguments, will provide few footnotes , and dang near nil sources

Dr. Lobo's Law First: The Cosmos abhors uniqueness.
It is probable that each ancient tribe thought they were unique and alone in existence. then they met other tribes. Even then the tribes almost always defined themselves as unique (We Human Beings, for example) and the others as The Others (not Human Beings). This underlying trait is still with us but that is another concoction.

Every time we find something unique or rare it is just a matter of time, years maybe, sometimes just seconds, before we find the second one and the third and then discover them in the quadrillions. Recent examples, well take the sun. We were sure thatour Sun, The Sun, was the only Sun in the cosmos up until maybe 300 years ago. Then we discovered we could see 6000 plus other Suns with the naked eye at night, we just called them stars. Then along comes telescopes and and now there are really a very large amount of Suns. There are 200,000,000,000 (If Glen Beck is reading that number, Glen it is two hundred billion, not 200 trillion) in our Galaxy alone.

Indeed let's take the Galaxy, our unique galaxy the "Milky Way". First thing was, that we had to discover that we were in a galaxy. Then about 80 years ago, when they stuck a really big telescope on a mountain in Southern California, well, oops, there they were, thousands of Galaxies out there. Today THEY say that there are about 200,000,000,000 galaxies out there (that's the same number as before Glen). So that means there are about 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars, er Suns out there.

Of course Earth is unique. Right!

Dr. Lobo's Law Second: the Universe is not what it seems.

Now here is a kicker that just blew away Dr. Lobo's original Cosmological Concoction: Dark Matter, and Dark Energy.

Now THEY say that all of those 400 times 7 zeros Suns, plus all the gases, planets and all other stuff that can be seen, only accounts for 4% of the mass and energy in the Cosmos that is reflected to exist by the measured action of gravity waves. OK, OK, OK, that' really great. So after all of my thinking, I've only got my mind wrapped around 4% of the Cosmos? Mind you even that was a loose wrap job at best.

But then reaching into the recesses of my store of trivia I remembered that Steven Hawking's had used multiple universes in his 2006 proof that his own Hawking's Paradox was wrong. Also, that String Theory predicted multiple parallel universes that would be intermixed and overlapping but invisible to one another because they vibrated at different frequencies, had different songs so to speak.

Alright, that's it.
Now I had my FIX to the previously deconstructed Dr. Lobo's Concoctions. It was simple, if the known Universe was only 4% of the energy and matter in the Cosmos then I could just divide that 4% into 100% and get 25 universes of the same size. They would be here and there and all around, but we could not see them because they sang a different song than we did. (actually there is a cosmological map showing where the dark stuff is relative to our universe's light stuff) No need to fix the big bang part, or the God part, cause those still worked with 25 as well as they did with one. God just gets more magnificent and the Big Bang just gets louder.

And yes, there was one other common denominator, gravity. The same gravity seems to be in all of them, and thus ties them together. (God = Gravity?)

Now that's Dr. Lobo's Current Cosmic Concoction.
Move aside Bob, a new sheriff is in town.
Thank God, there's not currently an Inquisition going on.

The next Dr. Lobo's Concoction will deal with how we might take short cuts through the other 24 universes to get to some place in our own. I think I may call the short cuts something like "Dream Passes".


Feodor said...

The universe loves the unique.

Consider the snowflake.

Consider adaptation and Natural Selection.

Consider my DNA.

Consider jazz, scottish ballads, NĊgaku. Consider the uniquity of the pygmies, the maasai, the duckbill platypus.

Consider the unique combining of certain particles into certain unique atoms into certain unique molecules into certain bodies throw into unique laws of motion.

Consider our planetary system.

Consider Earth.

Consider the Amazon.

Consider that our universe (in terms of matter and energy) constitute only 4% of calculated totals.

Unique, unique, unique.

Considering 25 universes: unique X 25.

The Universe loves the unique so much, that once something uniquely useful happens "by accident," the cosmos tends to want to repeat it with joy.

Feodor said...

It is we who disparage the cosmic morality of uniquity by our anxieties and, therefore, use our power tools of reduction, homogenizing categorizations.

drlobojo said...

If everything is unique, then nothing is unique.

The unique snowflake is unique in form but not in substance, and even then the "unique" form is only unique until someone does the math to determine all variations that a snow flake can form and then estimates the numbers of snow flakes over 20 billion years and the x number of places snowflakes may have formed or will form in the 400,000,000,000,000,000,000 suns' systems of the knowable universe times 25 possible universes.

What you are praising as unique would better be seen as diversity.
But what the hey, that's my take on the cosmos. Yours is different, you're describing Feodor's Concoctions. Carry on.

Feodor said...

You expect to find another human race in the cosmos?

And if not, you call that diversity and not uniquity?

Everything is unique in several senses, but none more definitive than this: no singularity has any permanence.

No sun, no biological life form, no rock, no molecule... no atom.

This is what makes the accidental repetition of a snowflake, still a uniquity in whole scheme of things.

Bach and Beethoven are unique in form but not in substance. And as strictly similar as they are when compared to the cosmic vastness of all music and sound in the universe, they are unique.

Feodor said...

Give me an example of what you consider to be unique that the cosmos abhors.

Perhaps you've defined it in a way that has no grounding in reality but is nominative only.

The word, sun, can be applied to more than one, but there is only one sun that radiates our earth, with its unique mass and volume quotient, it's unique beginning and end, it's unique satellites, comets, a unique place in it's unique galazy, with a unique human race and unique eons of biological and geological life spans counting on it for their unique existence.

The notion of unique race has turned out to be a canard - did the the cosmos really abhor this generalizing categorization that denied the morality of unique human beings and unique groups of human beings?

Does the cosmos abhor our counting cultures as unique? French creole in Louisiana is to be abhorred or is not unique?

Is my dog, King, not unique and therefore to be abhored? No other dog would come to me if I called it, "King!" Not even another English Springer Spaniel would come to me if I called him so. My King was able to discriminate my voice. For him, it was unique.

drlobojo said...

"Give me an example of what you consider to be unique that the cosmos abhors."
Let's see, if I say nothing is unique, then my example has to be nothing.

"You expect to find another human race in the cosmos?"
Humm, maybe, there seems to be a lot of order in "natural selection". Like type nitches create like type things.

Do you supose that there are not two grains of sand on earth that are not exactly the same? When you deal with really really big numbers a lot of things become possible.
Beside, maybe those other 24 universes are actually parallels to ours.

"Everything is unique in several senses, but none more definitive than this: no singularity has any permanence."

Actually a singularity is a state of being not a thing (matter) or energy either. It is a state of matter and energy.

drlobojo said...

Say, you're not gather information for an inqusitor are you?

Feodor said...

If there is nothing unique, then the statement that the cosmos abhors the unique is a tautology.

And if the twenty-five universes cannot witness to each other because of their differential "song," then I would call each song pretty unique.

And when it passes, it is gone.

You've proven my point about every singularity being unique.

Feodor said...

The Inquisition was unique.

Dr. Bill Loney said...

"It is we who disparage the cosmic morality of uniquity by our anxieties and, therefore, use our power tools of reduction, homogenizing categorizations."

I wuz just sayin that same thing this mornin....

I'm still tryin to figure out how to get that plastic stuff off my cd's...I gots a whole bunch, but I ain't ever got to listen to any, so I wuz disparergin the immoral jerks what made me anxious, and I wuz thinkin on gettin me a power tool to open it up...but you ought not be catergorizin people fer they sexual inclinins

drlobojo said...

Dr. Bill I smear a little tuna on them CD pkgs and give them to my cats to play with. That usually gets them open OK, but my cats do get terrible constipated sometimes in the process.

drlobojo said...

"If there is nothing unique, then the statement that the cosmos abhors the unique is a tautology.

Got me.

"The Inquisition was unique."

Your concoction does seem to have a large dose of unique in it. In fact that is all I have to picture it. Perhaps it is the "level' at which you create unique.

"Consider my DNA."

Well now I know two things about you maybe. You are not an identical twin, triplet, etc., and you are not a clone. You have an unique DNA.

In your unique concoction is Jesus unique to the greater Cosmos? To our Universe of the visible? To our Sun?

Have you ever seen these people that can work a 1000 piece puzzle with the picture face down? Does that mean that each piece is unique, or that each piece has a unique place in the puzzle's configuration that can't be occupied by any other piece?

I'm trying to wrap mentally around your concept of unique, are there unique elements? Atoms? Is there any level up or down where unique is not possible in that Cosmos?

Dr. Bill Loney said...


drlobojo said...


Yes, yes, it is, and they really yowl when they are felining it.

Dr. Bill Loney said...

Mama Loney said the midwife gasped when she birthed me and said she ain't ne'r seen such as me. Winter coat worth of backhair, vestigial tail, magnetic attraction for police brutality, Midas touch for decanklin...I likes to think I'm youneek

course with them 24 other universies, I reckon it could hold another WTL...hey, you reckon the other fellers on them planets faked their moon landins too?

drlobojo said...

"...I likes to think I'm youneek."

For you, I might modify my Cosmic Concoction to allow one unique.

"...hey, you reckon the other fellers on them planets faked their moon landins too?"

Only if JFK had multiple assassins too.

Dr. Bill Loney said...

"Yes, yes, it is, and they really yowl when they are felining it."

u so crazy

u ever have any polydactyl cats...had one whut had 28 claws...rat killin machine....along with chickens,rabbits, sqerls and anything else she could stalk

drlobojo said...

"polydactyl cats"?

Aren't them the cats that have leathery wings and catch bats on the fly? Hemingway had some down in Key West at one of the bars he frequented, or maybe he just saw them there after he'd been drinkin a while.

Dr. Bill Loney said...

Forgot about the bats!

Dr. Bill Loney said...

Feo- I figures the fellers from suthern states of them other planets wears khaki shorts

tell ya what, I'll talk to the southern fellers bout their khaki short wearin if you'sa talk yankees into takin a shower at nighttime

stayed witha family in cinncinati one time---kinda freaked me out that ain't nobody got bathed at night

Feodor said...

Cincinnati is a Southern town, Bill.

Feodor said...

Cleveland is a Yankee town.

Dr. Bill Loney said...

South of you.

No, really, they are considered south?

Then shame on them no-night bathin pseudo yankees!

Feodor said...

It does sit below an imaginary extension of the Mason-Dixon line, and four strokes on a canoe paddle from Kentucky.

Folks from both cities tell me that Cincinnati is more Kentucky and Columbus begins the Ohio north.

drlobojo said...

I thought Ohio was on the east coast.

By the way if you wear shorts in Oklahoma and get off of the concrete you forfeit everything below the belt-line to insects.

Feodor said...

An anglican priest friend of mine feels the mid-west begins with the New Jersey palisades. And he's from Chicago.

Feodor said...

Unique is an aspect of time. Outside of time, there may be no uniquity, but I wouldn't know and can't say.

An atom has a life span. It's parts may be reused in other atoms, but it's life span is a distinction (uniquity) within time.

Within Christian theology, Jesus is unique by being uniquely representational: God/Human in One.

So far, Christian theology can only encompass creation as we know it: the physical universes and its laws, biological life forms on earth - and perhaps the moon or mars which were shared one way or the other by blast fragments travelling to and fro - and human identity.

If we meet "alien" sentience (I don't think "alien" biology would disturb us too much) then Christian theology will undergo it's, perhaps, last expansive absorption into something where Christ is fully and only an instance or trope, and not a universal.

A jigsaw puzzle is only about shape and pattern recognition and does not carry categorical meaning.

drlobojo said...

"A jigsaw puzzle is only about shape and pattern recognition and does not carry categorical meaning."

The meaning is in the metaphor.

"So far, Christian theology can only encompass creation as we know it:..."

Well, it does seem to lag a bit, but so far it has sorta caught up to the expanding knowledge of what "creation" is. I hope that it will be able to encompass any further expansion that may occur. If it doesn't it will be more of the fault of the theologians than of Christianity.

I see Jesus as unique in the spiritual sense even though he/she may have many names in many places and his or her historical self may not be unique here or there or anywhere. Indeed if the Cosmos is unique then so would be the father of it.

"An atom has a life span."

Atoms do not suffer entropy and do not cease existence. The information that is an atom can not be destroyed, even if that atom is merged into/or stripped down to another element or is partially or totally converted to energy.

The sum of the Cosmos is constant. That we don't know what it is has no impact on the reality of the statement.

Implicit in the current Laws of Physics is that before the Big Bang all particles, energy, forces being together as One all knew each other in The Singularity before they journeyed out to form the present.

Feodor said...

"Atoms do not suffer entropy and do not cease existence."

Then what is "half life"?

Do not Black Holes tear apart atoms all the time?

Much less the smasher that Yale built a long time ago right at the base of the Divinity School. We were convinced that the Refectory cooked chicken in it all the time.

And you would acknowledge that atoms had a birth, right, and a rebirth in suns?

The notion that "information" cannot be lost is a metaphor as well and so need not be carried exclusively by an "atom."

Feodor said...

I suppose that in the hypotheticals of "alien" sentience (do we have a better word than "alien"?) - my response would be that Christ did not turn out to be final and full revelation of God... just as, for Christians, Israel turned out not to be.

Though, to be fair, Jews still look for the Messiah. Maybe they are a jump ahead of us rather than the reverse.

drlobojo said...

"Then what is "half life"?": Radiation.

Radiation is when an atom has been subjected to instability by having acquired (or been given in a nuclear reactor) an unbalanced nucleus. As the atom radiates the unbalance particles is it attempting to re-stabilized itself. The half life (an unfortunate term) means half of the particles need to be expelled (i.e. decayed: another incorrect term in use)have been. In actual practice, in that only half of the particles are expelled in each half life, the time that an atom would take to stabilize might be never.

There are almost no naturally radio active atoms, except of course for uranium, and few unstable elemental isotopes other than the 3000 plus that have been created in a nuclear reactor.

"And you would acknowledge that atoms had a birth, right, and a rebirth in suns?"

NO not at all. Atoms are not born nor created, the atoms heavier than Helium and Hydrogen are assembled (built)originally from Helium and Hydrogen in the core of the stars. The heavier an element is the more stars that have reassembled it. In the process nothing is born, and nothing is destroyed, only shifted to another state.

"The notion that "information" cannot be lost is a metaphor as well and so need not be carried exclusively by an "atom." "

I rather doubt that physicist see that as a metaphor.

" response would be that Christ did not turn out to be final and full revelation of God..."

If you are considering this all within time and history perhaps not, but then that can't contain God can it?

It seems probable that any race of sentient beings would have a finite biological/historical time in the Cosmos. The possibility that those time lines and geographic propinquity would overlap to where we would come face to face with each other is infinitesimally small even in such a large multiplicity of Universes that our Cosmos may be.

So Jesus, in what ever perception, could be considered the de facto final revelation for mankind and earth.

Feodor said...

1. Thanks for the info. on half life. I know more now.

2. Helium and Hydrogen did not exist until the clock was ticking after the Big Bang. They were made - "born" - in time. Then other atoms were made - "born" - later.

3. In what way is an atom information? I understand that DNA is considered information because it determines patterns that follow. Any number of things can happen to that atom that will be accidental, not influenced or determined.

3. Christ is not only God (existing outside time) but also human.

Feodor said...

How would conservatives deal with the experience of another race?

Does an alien need a friend in Jesus?

drlobojo said...

If Jesus is the "Son of Man", wouldn't it be logical that there would be a "Son of Klingon"?

The current "conservatives" would simple deny they existed.

Feodor said...

Spock was used as a Christ figure.