Tuesday, August 18, 2009

INTIMIDATION or Just Stupid?????

"So about a dozen people in Phoenix were openly carrying guns outside a venue where President Obama was speaking today. There were people. With guns. Outside a Presidential venue. And because Arizona, true to its Tombstone and OK Corral roots, is an "open-carry" state -- if you have a legal gun, you can display it in the open -- no one was arrested. You only need a permit if you decide to conceal it. Otherwise, take your military-style rifle, even if it's loaded, and have yourself a parade of one. The Grand Canyon state should be renamed the Fifty Caliber Territory. The Second Amendment never had a greater friend than the Arizona legislature."

So we want to scare the "Niggers", the "Liberals", the "Wet-Backs", and the meek and mild "Democrats". So what we will do is carry the very same weapons in open contempt of society's concerns that were used by Snipers in Maryland just a few years ago to kill so many.

"Maybe it's just me, but I don't necessarily feel any safer or secure if I'm in the presence of someone who feels a need to brandish their collection of weaponry in any situation, much less in a potentially volatile protest situation. Doubtless, all of these descendants of William Bonney and George Kelly were accompanied by a Secret Service marksman with a killshot at the ready, but that would be small comfort to the other individuals exercising their First Amendment rights who might end up as so much collateral damage."

This is the dumbest, most stupid move by gun owners that can possibly occur. This President has received by all reports 400% more death threats than George W. Bush. The editorial writer above is absolutely correct. If "shot are fired" these dumb f....s will mindlessly reach for their guns and they will then be DEAD. Indeed each fool wearing a gun has a designated marksman assigned, you betcha they do. When they reach for their gun or pull it down off their shoulder they will be DEAD. No matter if they are involved in the shots fired or not.

"I wonder how the Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity faction will be thrumming this issue.... Imagine if members of the Nation of Islam protested a speech by President Bush while having Glocks strapped to their hips. I doubt whatever manure the right shovels out tomorrow would be at all comparable to their reaction to the above-described hypothetical."

I'll go you one better, what if the Nation of Islam, or whom ever, carry their own weaponry, show up across the street from these fools at the next Town Hall? Why not? If it is legal for Gander then it is legal for Goose.

If the President has one shot fired at him, just one, in this climate the NRA will be a historical artifact. The Second amendment will be tightened up so damn tight that paintball guns will be illegal. Not to squelch this is the most stupid move by the gun lobby that could possibly be made. Mr. NRA et. al., this is a very bad bet.

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drlobojo said...

Oh, yes, I know this particular gunman is black and is making a libertarian point. It don't matter. My points the same. I remember the assassination from the 60's, the Riots, the Black Panthers carrying rifles, the Symbionese Liberation Army shoot out in L.A.(live on TV). If you want to do that again just keep on keeping on.