Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Know Where We Can Save 35% of our Health Care Cost


If the United Health Group and other Health Insurers want to raise the profit levels to 35% above cost, then it is simple isn't it.

35% of the cost to me is over and above any service or administration provided.

Well, heck, guys, they are showing us the way to finance this, just eliminate the profit.

That cuts our cost by 35%

"As recently as the early 1990s, 95 cents out of every dollar paid to insurance companies in premiums was used to pay claims, according to Potter, who spent more than 20 years of his professional career as an industry insider. In 2008, that percentage had dropped to “just slightly above 80 percent.” As if that 20 percent profit were not staggering enough, the Senate Finance Committee last spring was considering a 76 percent average reimbursement rate until, after fierce lobbying by insurance giant UnitedHealth Group, it settled on what Business Week has called “a more friendly industry ratio” of 65 percent. Though the final percentage is still being debated, the possibility that 35 cents on every premium dollar might go toward corporate profits does not signal reform that favors the consumer."


See, It is so simple, a single payer government based program cost 35% less! Jobs? Just absorb the industry lock stock and barrel. the cost won't change. Just the profits.


BB-Idaho said...

Makes one wonder at what percentage point profits go from
very lucrative to obscene...

Anonymous said...

Imagine all we could save if we went single payer for food too! Oh and single payer for water, electricity, we just pay the government for everything and we can have one giant single payer system.

Wait, wasn't that tried by Russia once?

drlobojo said...

Actually in my house hold we do all of that via single payer. My Wife.

In point of fact Health Insurance in America only has three payers for 95% of the private sector. One of those payers is UnitedHeath Group whose CEO was up to his nose in Author Anderson, Enron,etc. and has had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud settlement to policy holders and will pay $350,000,000 more if NY and a Judge thinks it is enough.

Russia? No,it was the USSR.

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