Monday, August 31, 2009

The Erection Market

The Free Market: Tell me you get things for free when you go to the market.

The free market sells everything now: health care, education, armies, Senators, elections, you name it and the Capitalist American Free Market sells it.

Even erections.
You might say that selling erections is nothing new. Playboy , Oui, Hustler
have been doing that for years.

Well now that's true to a certain extent but their sales marketing was very indirect. They thought they were selling sex and boners were simply a function of it.

Well now we have marketed a disease in order to sell erections for sex.
Isn't it great? Probably the best thing about it is that most of the intercourse it generates will not increase our population. Indeed, given the stress that an erection lasting more than four hours might cause it may very well be reducing the population.
I wonder would it be considered illegal under the Geneva Convention to give a detainee four or five little blue pills and then immobilize him in a chair with his hands tied until he gives up the next terrorist plot? Could you "trust" intelligence obtained in such a manner?

It is really quite ingenious. Even today in America the outright selling of erection causing agents just to get an erection would be frowned upon. But if you are curing a disease, well then, that's a different matter. I wonder will the proposed universal health care plan cover these?

I am a little confused however why a NASCAR race car needs to be advertising such products.
Is the name Viagra suppose to create an association with Niagara as in falls? Is the 6 on the car suppose to be a subliminal for sex?

Say, the fact that all of this took place during the Bush Administration mean anything? I mean they out sourced the housing care and feeding of our military, hell they even bought a private military. Maybe the boys were just sharing something they need themselves with us by letting the erection market develop.

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