Saturday, August 8, 2009

Copula Gotimus Me and Huey Long

Ka-rip Ka-rap Ka-riplo typlo tap
Oh! Oh! Rincto lincto hio-totimus
Hopula scipula copula gotimus
Chink-to-lack Chink-to-lee
Ka-willa, Ka-walla, Ka Victory
Oh! Oh! Hoogula choogula choogula can.
Ragula tagula melican man
Let'er go rip, let'er go ruse
Tingula Tangula, turn'em a-loose
Zip! Bang! OBU!

Dang, wandering around the googleplex stumble I onto disconcerting knowledge, Huey Long and I are brother alums. All these years and I never knew he had been there too. He wore the dang beanie, sang the fool hymn, and sputtered out ka-rip without any hesitation too. So CR next time I'm in Baton Rouge the steps of his death must I see. Huey I hardly knew ye.


Carol said...

Who would've thunk it?

That's quite an impressive ju ju hat.

Dr. Bill Loney said...

doc-I live in Kingfish's town fer a while...while he may be gone, his politics aint forgotten...fer not one damn day...ever...not even with the damn dog catcher-&*%##

drlobojo said...

Yep, My daughter lives about half a mile from the Capitol of La.. The place is about as subtle as snake bite. The food is real good though.