Monday, August 3, 2009

C Street Has Attracted Dooms Bury

Long ago Doonesbury had a series of cartoons about The County Commissioners in Oklahoma.
He was of course "just" following the news of the corruption investigations about these guys, but it was interesting how much more attention was paid to the investigation once it made this "comic" strip.

Check out the Doonesbury strip for today:

To many this may seem to be a story about Washington D.C. and
the corruption inside the beltway. But for Oklahoma it will become a local story
about how a series of our leaders were seduced into a pseudo-christian
sect promising them a better world, a special place in Christ's court on earth, and recognition of their own special nature in the Universe. Good men are easily seduced by the promise of a better world.

No telling where Doonesbury will take this, but I hope someday to see a cartoon cell with the little brick duplex at 4809 S GUM AVE BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA 74011 which is owned by the INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION a wholly controlled element of C Street and that particular residential zip code shows $30 million dollars in assets on last years NFP report.
Southern Baptist don't really take to secret sects wielding power over them, nor do most other Oklahomans. We kind of like things up front and open, and don't much think Jesus is in need of people sneaking around to get the things done in this world that He wants done.
So brother Doonesbury, you rock! Go for it!
Now if we could just get James Bond interested in C Street because of its plan for WORLD DOMINATION we would have a real story.


Feodor said...

Why don't you send the info. to CNN?

drlobojo said...

Took me 20 minutes on Google to track it down over two weeks ago and that is probably only one of the "C" Street dummy sites. CNN, NBC (and its two babies MSNBC and CNBC), CBS, etc. these are supposedly "news" organizations. Why can't they find this on their own? It is "on the record". No, I'll trust Garry Trudeau to slowly peel back this onion to its rotten smelly core.
Feel free to send it to CNN if you want to.

Dr. Bill Loney said...

unless you had 8 babies in one settin, adulterized usin public coffers, or you wuz famous and died, dont expect a whole lotta interest.

I figures they dont dig much for fear of who or what they might know, us fragile Americans can take hearin just how depraved Ceasar's servants are.

drlobojo said...

Dr. Bill, "...adulterized usin public coffers...".

Exactly, follow the money, follow the payoff, follow the bribe.

Think that Arizona Senator's mama and daddy used their own money to buy off his squeeze without getting it back under the table?

Feodor said...

"The Family" by Jeff Sharlet.