Saturday, July 18, 2009

U.S. Senators Display Their Inner Most Fears

Been watching the reruns of the Senate hearing on Sotomajor tonight. C-Span has edited out the pauses and hemhaws and breaks. So it flows much faster and unfortunately that even flow accentuates one of the traits of many of the Senators. Their butts were out.
Senator John Kyl of Arizona was one of several white male Senators who opened their long john flaps and showed their hinenies in the SCOTUS Justice hearing last week. They are afraid of losing their culture, their power, their privilege. How can you tell? They are accusing minorities and females of trying to bring their non white male judgements to the culture, such as on the SCOTUS. The overwhelming inference is that white guys either don't have a problem bringing their white maleness into their judgements or their way of doing is the right way of doing it. We are the world, they say, and don't you dare presume to change it.

The Republicans were the worst offenders, although Democrats had their moments as well. At least the Democrats were pandering to a diverse audience. The Republicans were kneeling to the most crass of elements within their constituencies. What exactly will that get them? What State is predominately white male rednecks with their submissive wives? I think the last State like that died in 1976.

It is disturbing to see so many Senators who are scared and in over their heads and/or who so readily kneel to the scroungy side of the population.

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