Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Real Old Stuff: Nixon Buttons to Beer Labels

If you like the stuff you see, keep reading.

I've got this "workshop"-"studio"-shack I've been building for years. The outside kinda is beginning to look like a country store. I've got old product signs and a Model A and a Model T wheel hanging on it and a screened in front porch and all. I even have an upright wood stove that will be installed someday.

There are lots of windows for light as well. Well I organized the cabinets and shelves to hold boxes and cans with all my various and sundry material, supply, and such stuff. But they look kind of dull and very much alike. So I decided to get me some labels and such to make them look like products and material from the 30's and 40's and keep with the "General Store theme" of the place.

Well that was a while back and my success was none too great. Then the other day I bought on eBay a very early Dr. Pepper paper bottle label in pristine condition and dating back to 1905-1920. Then I notice that the same pristine labels were being sold and re-sold. First, know that the label is real, not a copy, not a reproduction. So where did all the rest come from all of a sudden?

Ever wonder where those old apple crate labels come from? How does some antique mall dealers get a bunch of old political buttons? Well enter the advertising label dealers. People who scrounge old buildings and trade among themselves and then sell their goods in bulk to others.

So I stumbled into another unknown world that exist out there.

So here is a doorway for you to begin to explore it as well.
Let's open the portal to this place by starting with

I stopped by here today and left more than a few coins there. Their inventory changes all the time. Sometimes they have one or two of something or 50 or 500. They are a wholesale place that will sell to you but you've got to spend more than $20. I didn't have any trouble doing that even at 18 or 25 cents per item up to $2 to $5 for some.

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