Thursday, July 16, 2009

Local Weatherman Infected With HUMA Syndrome

I was reading our local weekly free rag the OKLAHOMA GAZETTE as I was eating my Polish sausage sandwich at Earl's Barbeque's last night when the Chicken Fried News Quote Of The Week almost made me choke on my side of green beans.

It basically said that my trusted source of weather information Gary England at Channel Nine News was a Global Warming Denier. Shades of Jim Inhofe, tell me it isn't true that the man that has saved literally millions of Oklahomans' lives by repeating what he is told by the Norman, Oklahoma National Severe Weather Lab doesn't believe the science behind the concerns of global warming.

So off to

and sure enough there as part of an article about how wrong the U.S. House was to pass a Global Warming bill was this:
"The measure to curb global warming has come at a time when many in the international community are questioning whether there's really a problem and whether it's man-made.
NEWS 9 Chief Meteorologist Gary England has long questioned the science on the issue of global warming.
"It's just not there. What they're finding is proof otherwise. In fact, the earth has been cooling for the last 10 years," England said."

Astounding indeed! Why hasn't that "cooling" kept both polar ice caps from melting rapidly, much more rapidly than anyone predicted? The Northern Polar Bears and the Antarctic Penguins might not think Gary is quite right on this subject. One thing about drinking the big oil laced natural gas fizzy Oklahoma kool aid is that has a serious side effect. It is known as the HUMA Syndrome. After a few quarts it just makes you want to bend down, to grab your ankles, and to yell "I love it" and "I want to stick my Head Up My Ass (HUMA)".

Few actually accomplish full-blown HUMA but Gary England and Jim Inhofe seem to have done so.


Carol said...

Oh, how disappointing! I thought I could trust Gary England.

drlobojo said...

Me too, truly, my reaction was OMG surely not, but then I remembered where I live and who pays the piper here. But really, how can you do something like deny global warming when the heat index is 113 degrees outside?

Truth is meteorologist are not trained in climatology. They think they are but going to a meteorologist, much less a local "weatherman" to learn about climate is like being treated for heart trouble by an podiatrist.

drlobojo said...

Dear reader(s),
When I was taking geography courses on climatology back in the 60-70's there were about a three dozen geographers in the world considered competent
climatologist. Now they are somehow crawling out of the wood work.

The Wiki article on climate does a reasonable job of outlining what climate means and is composed of and thus why "climatologist" can say the climate is changing.