Saturday, May 23, 2009


So we acquired a disposable cell phone to use while on the road to communicate with our kids and to make motel reservations during the day while traveling.

Then they wanted to know if we wanted "texting" on the phone we declined.

I've run into the texting lingo on blogs and other areas of the internet.

It really isn't nothing new.

The very first time a non verbal electric communications system was used (1844) acronyms popped up within days.

Telegraph operators signed their messages so that if questions arise about accuracy of content they could ask the source. Some guy named Thurty condensed his name down to -30- and acronyms were off and running.

Then came cable and telegraph abbreviations to save on cost of message transmission. Military acronyms to speed up information flow in combat operations. Oh yes, and then CB jargon from the 70's.

Actually acronyms are completing a full circle. Symbols were the first ways to communicate.
Then came pictogramS that evolved into alphabets over time. Now the alphabetic words are evolving into texting acronyms and symbols.

So next time someone says EMRTW then you know they must be a Democrat cause they are saying that "evil monkeys rule the world". If you see ESDA then they don't really like you much.
As a counterpoint IASAP4U means they are on your side.


Check out the whole list of current text lingo acronym stuff at:

Now do remember: I DON'T TEXT!


BB-Idaho said...

Guess its all Broderick Crawford's fault....ten four.

drlobojo said...

I did so love that show.