Friday, May 1, 2009

State Highway 8 Bridge....Whoops

The Enid News and Eagle

Storms roll across OklahomaBy Cass Rains, Staff Writer
"One highway in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma 8, will remain closed for about a month as repairs are made. Flooding caused a bridge between Cleo Springs and Aline to collapse."

And that's all that was reported.

Don't look so bad does it. Except that drop you see is 18 inches. So in the wee hours of Wednesday A.M. when a car coming from down the highway at a goodly rate of speed ran off the edge it blew out all of its tires and caused it to crash.

Here's what it looks like from the side.

Now there is a bunch of water rolling through this stream. Really there is, it is all going UNDER the bidge's structure. Also note that the water scoured out the soil on the outside of the bridge structure at the North end.

So it was just hollowed out from underneath, and also from the North end.
So there just wasn't anything keeping the bridge up.

Now did this take a while? Well in the third picture above note that the farmer had already built a new fence up from the scour, before the collapse.

So you guys in the cities, don't begrudge these rural roads some of the stimulus money. That is if you want your bread, milk, and beef to get to you.


drlobojo said...

Talked with the former County Commissioner for this county. His estimate was 3 to 6 months if the State has the money. Wheat harvest starts in 6 weeks.

TStockmann said...

I'm in favor of repairing every road we're not going to tear up permanently. One or the other.

BB-Idaho said...

Ex-senator Ted Stevens. He is the bridge guy...

drlobojo said...

Heard today that Oklahoma has a $900,000,000 short fall in its budget for FY 10. In that in Oklahoma State Government can't spend money unless they have it in hand, the bridge may be out for some time to come.

Feodor said...

You take fantastic pictures. What's your secret?

drlobojo said...

Ah my ego glows.

Once upon a time I wanted to be a professional photographer. I even enrolled in the Brooks Fine Arts Institute to study Photography. However their next class didn't start for 10 months so I went to school to get my GI bill money and went back to my second love Geography. I kept putting off entry to the Institute and lo and behold wife children bills job etc. happened.

Now the answer is: study great photos and paintings, take classes, and best yet teach classes in how to take photos.

There are actually about 20 things about composure that will help your photos greatly. Then master your camera. Know what it will do and will not do, then push its margins to get unusual stuff. After a while you do it without thinking about it.

Oh yes, take lots of pictures and select the beat.

I first specialized in B&W switched to slides in Nam, and recently digital which I have yet to get control of. One problem is as soon as I get used to one digital system the upgrade it by a factor of 10.

But now for about $400 I can do things that would have taken $3,000worth of stuff in 1962 when I first started with a $40 camera.