Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The GOP Takes Off Its Mask

pic source: www.daylife.com

Re: Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III

The Republican Party is absolutely bent on political suicide.
Jefferson Sessions is a PR guys nightmare.
They have placed the worst possible image and voice they could on the Judicial committee.
Are they so out of touch?
Keep it up guys.
America learns fast.



BB-Idaho said...

At the C-Span website, we learn:
"If called to lead the GOP effort to oppose an Obama nominee, Sessions would bring a unique perspective to the issue. In 1986, he was only the second federal judicial nominee in 48 years to have his nomination killed by the Judiciary Committee."

drlobojo said...

Yes, for prosecuting Black NAACP Civil Rights voter registration workers in Alabama for voter fraud, and having all of the cases thrown out by the courts.
The man is an old school bigot.

pecheur said...

I know all about Jeff, since I've sat under his "leadership," most of days (or at least can remember)