Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dumb Ass American Fark News Networks and Korea

Big Time Bummer!
Our news networks are really shitty these days.
Not one of them has bothered to explain why, that's WHY! North Korea is behaving weird these days.

Try this from a Korean source:

N.Korea's Grandstanding 'Suggests Internal Power Struggle'

North Korea's recent grandstanding may be motivated by internal power struggles over who is to succeed ailing leader Kim Jong-il, Korean and U.S. diplomats speculate. In an interview with VOA on Wednesday, Scott Snyder, the director of the Center for U.S.-Korea Policy at the Asia Foundation, said the internal situation in North Korea is ominous and recent actions including the launch of a long-range rocket seem to have something to do with the succession question. There are opinions that for want of a properly prepared heir apparent, one of Kim's sons will end up as a figurehead for one or the other power group in the North.A senior South Korean government official on Thursday said, "We understand that recent acts by North Korea are not actually messages for the U.S., as we believed during the early days of the Obama administration."

If you listen to the TV news you would think we are being spit in the face by North Korea and we should spit back.
Damn fools.
They could get our children killed by their inflamatory shit.
When did the Fifth Estate die on us?



TStockmann said...

Fifth Estate? You mean Fourth?

Anyway, from the very moderate amount I know on the subject I think the ROK government guy is talking through his hat. The latest event is no different from every other DPRK move and doesn't mark a power struggle. Not that i think there's a practical implication to that.

drlobojo said...

We shall see.