Friday, May 1, 2009

BBC: Oklahoma is the most racist and ignorant state in US

"The BBC's Kevin Connolly has been to the Republican heartland of Oklahoma, which had the strongest anti-Obama turnout last November. According to Oklahomans, Obama has brought homosexuality, "abortions out the ears," and "blacks everywhere...blacks, blacks, blacks, everywhere I turn." "
Listen here:

Holy Shit!
KTOK talk radio and a Medicine Park women's church group? Oklahoma?

I used to think that the BBC was a legitimate and professional outlet of news. What happened?

Oh yes and in a latter broadcast the BBC took Oklahomans to task for using the racist term "blacks". I must remember to get in my lorry and motor over there and take the lift up to their flat and explain to them that their language is not our language.

Does this mean that we can't get Oklahoman Anita Hill on the SCOTUS? She does come from a racist State after all.


Muriel OK said...

Please read response from Medicine Park Mayor. Please read post

drlobojo said...

I am sure Connolly cherry picked his sound bites to prove what he wanted too. He could have found what he wanted anywhere in America if he dug deep enough and edited it well.

We were picked because Oklahoma had every county vote Republican in 08. We were the only State to do so.

Medicine Park seems off the route that a BBC reporter would take. So I betcha he collected a lot of positive and mild stuff before he got what he wanted.

I suspect working for a day or two I could find a half dozen people to talk about the flat earth and that Ronald Regan was a Disney animatronic robot. We are all a strange species after all.

Cari said...

So anyone who did not vote for Obama is a racist? LOL. The real racists, the Liberals, need to stop hating those who disagree with them. It's very sad when any party resorts to such immature and denigrating behavior in an effort to bully citizens into voting their way.