Thursday, May 14, 2009

Along The Mississippi's Mud

Meat pies for lunch and crawfish bisque for supper and bread pudding with rum for desert.
I'm in Baton Rogue to see my baby girl graduate from LSU with an MLS. Not even having been stopped in Texas by a "drug interdiction patrol" has dampen my pleasure at being here.(Why do you think they would think two old farts in a family sedan actually going the speed limit were drug mules?) Jeez.

A Louisiana pictorial quiz for you know it alls out there.

1. What did they carry around in this thing?

2. What was the big ole pot originally used for?

3. What kind of fruit will grow from this bloom?

4. Why is this plantation house not painted white?

5. What is the common name for this very deadly poisonous plant?
Remember you can enlarge this photos by clicking on them.


Feodor said...

1. Okra
2. Wash
3. Don't know
4. Keep bugs away
5. Castor bean?

Feodor said...

2. Wash and/or boil the pig/make lye soap.

Erudite Redneck said...

Jealous of the victuals. "Meat" and "pie" are two of my favorite words together. Mmm ...

drlobojo said...

1. Okra=no
2. Wash=no
2. Wash and/or boil the pig/make lye soap.= no
3. Don't know= no you don't
4. Keep bugs away= no
5. Castor bean? yes!

Score one for Feodor.

So what poison comes from castor beans?

Come on ER, you should know some of theses.

Feodor said...

If it's Castor Bean, it's riacin.

drlobojo said...

Yes, score 2 for F.

Erudite Redneck said...

A few SWAGS ...

1. A baby? Part of some kind of travois?

2. Sour mash

3. ??

4. Don't know but it's probably on the Natchez Tracce and there is probably some connection.

drlobojo said...

1. A baby? Part of some kind of travois? = nope
2. Sour mash = nope
3. ??
4. Don't know but it's probably on the Natchez Tracce and there is probably some connection.=nope

Erudite Redneck said...


drlobojo said...

OK, here's the answers:

1. bread dough
2. to boil down sugar cane squeezings
3. bannas
4. It is a French Creole Plantation house, only the American Anglos had those big white houses. When the Anglos took over the Lousiana legislature in the 1830's they "outlawed" the multi-colored homes.

Erudite Redneck said...

I was gonna say bananas! But I didn't think even the deepest Delta was tropical enough!

And I sensed, but couldn'r finger, something like that about the plantation house!

drlobojo said...

When you look at the kettle is hard to tell that is five feet wide. When I first saw them I thought cannibals?

Today I saw one eight feet wide. Now how do handle a thing like that?

All of this stuff is on the 'Laura Plantation' on the Mississippi River almost to New Orleans.

The bannas produce are real small. You can see some growing beneath the bloom.


Feodor said...

By the way, having missed the greater note on Louisiana history: Congratulations, pappa!