Sunday, April 12, 2009

Never Said Anything: No trash for History

History depends or archives, records, and most of all trash.
The National Security Agency leaves limited archives and little records and worst of all, NO trash.
Like every modern endeavor NSA creates tons of used paper each day. It is all useless at some point and then it is thrown away. Thrown away, that is into the never seen again (nsa)system. It is centralized, pulverized, dissolved, re-pulped, cleaned and washed of all ink,(all within a top secret environment) and sold to Weyerhaeuser. They then haul it off.

What does Weyerhaeuser do with this former highly classified pulp?
Sell it to China?
Pizza Boxes.
Next take out Pizza, check the box to see if it was made by Weyerhaeuser.
You may be eating off a historical artifact of our secret wars.

Yes it is true, my mind is full of this kind of stuff.

It does remind me of the opening credits of the "Lou Grant" sitcom where the complex production of a newspaper and it ends up at the bottom of a bird's cage. But heck that's a whole nother blog.
Picasso's "Birdcage"


BB-Idaho said...

Wonder if they discovered how
difficult it is to totally destroy information....

drlobojo said...

If there is such a thing as a"memory hole" NSA is it.