Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DD452009 Should be Renamed "McCain's Folley""

John McCain Senator from Arizona:

"My constituints are really angry at the corruption in this appropriations bill."
“I ask the senator from Hawaii [Sen. Daniel Inouye (D), who chairs the Appropriations Committee]: Why do we need to spend $2 million to promote astronomy in Hawaii when unemployment is going up and the stock market is tanking? Do we really need to continue this wasteful process?” McCain asked his colleague.

Maybe John McCain should have read yesterdays Yahoo News:
"While most of the world nonchalantly went about its business on Monday, March 02, a few twitchy stargazers were intently following the path of a near-Earth asteroid carrying the potential to create significant damage to the planet’s surface..... Although the snappily named DD45 2009 narrowly avoided a collision with Earth, passing by harmlessly at a distance of around 40,000 miles, space rock experts believe the 200ft asteroid was a significant event and something of a fanfare-free near miss.....That being said, there are only a select amount of experts with their eyes trained to the heavens and many other potentially dangerous space objects could yet take the planet by surprise. Case in point, DD45 2009 was only discovered and tracked on February 27."

Now the observatory in Hawaii may not be in the forefront of asteroid tracking. But I betcha for the last five nights at least one of it telescopes was watching DD452009.

I Nominate Phoenix, Arizona for the Next Asteroid Hit!
Of course I don't want Phoenix to be destroyed by an asteroid. But given McCain's stupidity in throwing the baby out with the bath watter maybe when the next asteroid stikes when can move the refugees from the disaster into McCain's state to be resettled.

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