Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lee Atwater's STD Has Infected My Country

I didn't see this originally, but the site I will show down below has the whole thing.
Bill O'Reilly literally ambushed Barney Franks on his show. What has happened to civil discourse?

Stupid question in this context perhaps. Are the Pseudo Conservatives backed so far into a corner now that their only way out is to chew through their opposition like a cornered rat? I mean this is getting dangerous not only for the people directly involved but for my country.

We are entering some really tough times.

What are we offered as potential solutions by this crowd of offspring from Lee Atwater? Nasty meanness and stupid puppets throwing defecation in the fan. It is a Stupidly Transmitted Disease. It builds on our innate Dumb gene and spreads throughout the body.

If Palin were a man, she would have dropped from the ticket like a hot potato. But instead she is kept on validating the very concept that these Neo-Cons/Pseudo Cons expect no more from women than she can deliver, a wiggle, a smile, and cute cute cute to cover dumb. The American Conservatives have some of the toughest smartest women alive in their ranks. So why Palin if not subconscious chauvinism?

McCain, "I play to win. I do whatever it takes to win. If I have to fuck my opponent to win I'll do it. If I have to destroy my opponent I won't give it a second thought." Source: Doug Thompson who wrote about hearing it himself, in the blog report on;
Any Man that will say that publicly will do it. So it has been happening, yes? Well what will he do now? John McCain is not a real Conservative. He is an embittered old man, with a mean temperament, and he is beginning to show it.

So that brings us to the clip of the day; Murdock's Bill O attacking from the very first sentence of the interview a Harvard educated Ph.D. with 27 years in the House of Representatives about why he didn't turn around the Fiscal Fiasco's of the Republican dominated past in the 18 months that he was head of the House Banking Committee. Oh yes through in the fact the Barney Franks is an openly gay member of Congress and that Orally couldn't keep from throwing in "Manly" references as well.
Take six minutes and watch the whole thing.

A word to the Democrats, if you are going to corner a rat, kill it! Don't play with it. Don't allow it to get away to live and breed. It won't just bite you, it will infect you. Lee Atwater's disease is deadly. My country has been infected and parts of us have turned rotten. Don't touch them. It is highly contagious.


drlobojo said...

Lordy lordy , they have started, they are recycling the early stuff...."Obama buddy buddy with known terrorist!" Next thing you know he will have been a Black Pather in the 1960's.
Thomas Nast where are you?

BB-Idaho said...

I e-mailed Mr. O'Reilly two days ago. He hasn't replied...the coward. :)

BB-Idaho said...

A blantant policy of totally screwing up, then blaming the party out of power seems transparent...but for many to believe it, is more Kafka than