Friday, September 26, 2008

John, if you get up in my face then look in me in the eye!

I watched the debates.
I saw these things.

Obama looked directly at McCain when he was talking about him.

McCain could not look Obama in the eye when he talked about him.
McCain should ought to have beat Obama up on defense and foreign affairs, but he didn't manage to do it.

McCain talked about the past.
Obama talked about the future.
McCain , who only has a 20% voting record for veterans affairs, said he loved the veterans and that they knew it.
McCain was contemptuous of Obama. Why do you think? Minorities will recognize the behavior for what it was.
Obama tried to be a gentleman, too much I think.
McCain wants to be a sheriff, and sees being a gentleman as being weak.
Obama was aggressive.
McCain got angry.
The last thing McCain did was remind us once again that he was a victim, a prison of war.
It was mostly a tie, therefore because this was John's night, Obama was the victor.

What did you see.

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drlobojo said...

McCain finally showed himself tonight. How many finally caught it? Bullfeathers...