Friday, August 29, 2008


Walking a path through the dim afternoon light of the Northern California redwood forest I thought I saw movement. Bear I thought, so I froze. I put my camera on a low light high speed setting and waited. But nothing moved again. As I walked towards the object I could see that it was much larger than I first thought. I was releaved to discover that it was a tree trunk that was turned over on its side. In the light it looked like an illusion of some mythical creature. I named it Orc, and went on my way before others of its kind came to its aid.


drlobojo said...


Looking at the photo, I wondered why the stump looked like a painting and the foreground did not? I had added some contrast to the finished print, but nothing else. Looking back at the original picture it has the same variations. My best guess is that the low light settings 1000 ipso and an f equal to 1.8, plus a tendency to focus on the foreground put the stump slightly out of focus. That is where the "effect" came from. The film chauvinist I often run across want digital errors to mimic the errors found in film. Well digital has it's own way of replicating the real world, and gives some really interesting effects at the margins as did film. In fact I find that digital is generally more faithful to what's there than film ever was, and I have had 45 years experience and thousands upon thousand of photos upon which to make that judgement.

TStockmann said...

The Ents are upset that you called one of their fallen brethren an Orc. Do not answer thunderous pounding on your front door.

Erudite Redneck said...


drlobojo said...

You know, I didn't get any Ent vibes while in the Redwood forest.
I got other Hobbity vibes, but not Ent ones.
Maybe there are just too many people in and around it, and it is that they have been driven further upland. I understand also that there may be a secret Federal Policy against Ents. Maybe they were done away with in the Federal Forest lands by Ent cutters. Stewart Udall was the prime mover for that I think!

Bigfoot? He is over in BB's country just South of the Salmon River.