Monday, July 7, 2008

What does that mean?

So today having breakfast with several old type friends at eatery, I gave out some of my Retirement Cards with my blog address on them. They have the picture on them that appears here on this blog (to your immediate right) and with my blog name when I post other places.

So the person points at the picture and says what's this? I look at them and after some consideration of the source of the query, I say, "It is a guy in a hat and a trench coat flying with crows or maybe with sea gulls." So they look at me and ask in all seriousness, "What does that mean?"

Many thoughts came. I was kind. I did not answer.


Erudite Redneck said...

Means you want to fly. Or you are flying.

Or you want to be able to shit on people for real!

LOL. A pigeon shat on me today while in the concession line at the RedHawks game. I did not take it personally.

drlobojo said...

Are I flying?
I will need an angel
to learn how to fly.
I'll never get to heaven
just by looking to sky.
No, I need an angel
to find out how to fly.
I do so hope I learn,
before I die.