Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Has anyone notice that the 217 year old second amendment that allows "...the right of people to keep and bear arms"(i.e. a loaded hand gun in the Federal District of Columbia), also requires that such is in order to establish and maintain a "well regulated militia"? He, ho, ha, ho, well thank you dear Supreme Court Justices. "Well Regulated", oh my. And to whom does the enabling legislation enacted by the first Congress after the ratification of the Amendments? Why the States! The States, not the Federal Government.
(From: The Columbus Dispatch)

OK, guys, Govenors, bring on the "Regulated"! Be they liberal or conservative, literalist when they exercise the narrow conclusion ALWAYS shoot themselves in the foot! (pun intended)
Heh, heh, ha, ho, heh.........

Settled Law is it ?
(From: The Atlanta Journal Constitution)


Erudite Redneck said...

No objections from this quarter. I went through gun-safety class in Texas even though I was grandfathered in. ... If I were to take up huntin' anything again, I might do another basics class. Them shootin' irons are dangerous.

drlobojo said...

You are far far more likely to kill be killed by yourself or someone you love (accidentally or on purpose)with your gun than a criminal. That aside, for our love of guns puts it aside no matter what, we will not give up our guns.
What it really comes down to, is that survival is usually up to the survivee. You don't want your child to get you gun and do tragedy with it, then you can't leave it load and unlocked in your night stand. If you want to lower the probability you don't eat a bullet when you're clinical depression sets in then don't keep the gun loaded and in the closet.
Guns are fast, easy, and efficient for so many uses. The best "regulation" is common sense.
Now however, if you are talking about your neighbor have a recoilless rifle in his back yard, maybe, just maybe, we need some government help with this.