Monday, July 7, 2008

Rogue River Oregon Eagles

That's what makes a photographer happy.
Yes, it is good to have a good camera, with a charged battery and large capacity for high quality photographs. But planned photographs can give you only so much satisfaction.
Serendipity gives you the extra.

While traveling East along the shore of the Rouge River of Southwestern Oregon, I looked up at the right time from the right place and caught a glimpse of an eagle's nest. So I stopped and moved until there was just the right angle for a clean photo of it.

The serendipity wasn't finding the eagle's nest but that a parent bald eagle was returning to the nest and thus arousing its lone inhabitant from his slumber.

So hearing his parent's cries as it approached the nest, the young eagle climbed up to its edge as daddy or momma, which ever the case was, landed.
Then the young eagle imitated his parents wing actions several times.
Yes, I took dozens of photos, and stayed as long as I could. I was just out of range of my camera's ability to get good details an my ability to hold it steady, but I was extraordinarily please to have had the experience anyway.

Banana Belt Beckons

They call it the Banana Belt of Oregon. It supplies most of the Easter lilies and Daffodils to florist in America. Grey whales migrate along it shores and they often summer-over close in to the food rich coves and shallows. Stellar Sea Lions are often found on the rocks along the coves, and in summer sometimes leave their pups on the beaches to keep them safe while they feed further out. Agates, Jasper, fossils abound in the gravel beds near river and stream outlets on its beaches. Miles and miles of sand beach are everywhere.

This is a satellite image of the place where we will stay with my son and his wife. Click on the image to enlarge it. My cabin will be across U. S. Highway 101 from the Whales Head Beach.

We will be here several days spending "quality time" with family and exploring the area. The Rouge River outlet at Gold Beach is 25 miles North of here and the California Redwood Forests are 30 miles South.

We will start in Astoria at the Columbia River and will meander our way down to Whales Head over a six day period.

Here is Astoria, again using Google Earth to see what is there.

Newport Beach showing some of the lodging available in town.

As a geographer I love Google Earth. For example, to find a hotel all I got to do is ask for the lodging icons (little pink beds) to be displayed. Then I "drive" along the road where I will be and just click on the little pink bed near where I want to stay. It brings up a name of the hotel-motel-B&B or whatever and you click on that and you have independent reviews of the place and can go directly to their web site for rates and reservation. Found some very interesting and reasonable cost places that way. Businesses, restraunts, and gas stations etc. can be found that way as well. It is also a way to find truly out of the way type places. Best of all, it is totally FREE.

See you latter.

Kitty Visits

Wow, a neat back yard! No dog stink, smells like cats live here. I'll hang out here until mama finds me.

No she is not up there. (You don't live here Mr. Kitten. Where did you come from?)

Alright, I'll stretch my stuff . I'm long and lean and really keen .

What's this? Are there other Cats in the Yard? ( Yes, but this is their yard.)

Wow, they sure are big. I wonder if they will eat me? Mama said Tom cats eat little kittens like me.

Well, doesn't look like they are hungry for little Kitten today. This guys is named Veto. He seems friendly enough. But he smells old.

Yep, Veto is an old guy. He won't play with me at all.

I saw another cat. Maybe he will play!

Ah ha, here he is. His name is Hektor. That's Hektor with a "K", he says.
But Hektor with a K, he hisses. Hector is really young himself and little kittens are not welcome in his yard. So I leave him alone. But Hektor smells like fish. Where's the fish?

Ah Ha, someone left the door open. Cat food, my goodness gracious, tons of cat food,. How will I ever eat all of this?
Psst, don't tell the woman who lives here that the old man left the door open so I could get in.

What does that mean?

So today having breakfast with several old type friends at eatery, I gave out some of my Retirement Cards with my blog address on them. They have the picture on them that appears here on this blog (to your immediate right) and with my blog name when I post other places.

So the person points at the picture and says what's this? I look at them and after some consideration of the source of the query, I say, "It is a guy in a hat and a trench coat flying with crows or maybe with sea gulls." So they look at me and ask in all seriousness, "What does that mean?"

Many thoughts came. I was kind. I did not answer.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Has anyone notice that the 217 year old second amendment that allows "...the right of people to keep and bear arms"(i.e. a loaded hand gun in the Federal District of Columbia), also requires that such is in order to establish and maintain a "well regulated militia"? He, ho, ha, ho, well thank you dear Supreme Court Justices. "Well Regulated", oh my. And to whom does the enabling legislation enacted by the first Congress after the ratification of the Amendments? Why the States! The States, not the Federal Government.
(From: The Columbus Dispatch)

OK, guys, Govenors, bring on the "Regulated"! Be they liberal or conservative, literalist when they exercise the narrow conclusion ALWAYS shoot themselves in the foot! (pun intended)
Heh, heh, ha, ho, heh.........

Settled Law is it ?
(From: The Atlanta Journal Constitution)