Thursday, June 19, 2008

NOT WITH MY CHILDREN YOU DON'T! (Forget the Grandkids as Well, suckers)



The Right is have apoplectic fits about this add.
As well they should. This really hurts them.
Back when I had my first child 34 years ago I decided that none of my children would ever HAVE TO GO TO WAR.
I told each of them that they need never fear the draft or any manditory edict to send them to war. If they wanted to go that was their business.
I told my children that I would do what ever was necessary to live up this promise.
You see I was a Regular Army volunteer in Vietnam.
I fought and I killed for my country.
I know what stupidity and politics in war means.
I know what immoral and illegal, means when applied to War.
I know the sickness of the war lovers and what they will do to practice their passions.

The video is dead on with these feelings.
The spurious arguments and tirades against it can not erase the central message, not with my children you won't.

Watch the Video:


BB-Idaho said...

If a politician notes that "100 years in Iraq would be fine with me", he's gotta live with the fallout. McCain in '93 was arguing the opposite:
Politics we have to put up with, but you are correct: ill-conceived
wars we should not.

Erudite Redneck said...

welcome back to the blogiverse.

drlobojo said...

Most of the Right Wing bloggers just note that this a Move-On ad thus can’t be trusted, and that Gee Whiz guys we no longer have a draft in the America. Some go a lot further.
By the way, just how long would it take to reinstate the draft anyway?
Here is some examples of the thinking that has gone into the crtique of this ad.

“But, Alex would be 18, a grown adult empowered with the personal choice of enlisting in the military, and there's nothing his Cindy Sheehan-like mother could do to stop him if he wants to serve and defend our country.”
Pretty embarrassing stuff, MoveOn...Keep it coming.
--Argo on The Hotline

“Have you seen the new ad that has produced? It is designed to make you believe that if John McCain is elected President poor baby Alex who is still in diapers is heading to Iraq. It almost is too outrageous to believe, but it is an actual ad.”
--Posted by emuleman in Thoughts

Don Surber suggests Alex's side of the dialogue:
"Hi John McCain."
"This is Alex."
"I realize you cannot pick your family."
"But sheesh."
"What a dingbat I have for a mother."
"She's a loon."
"Single mom."
"Eats seaweed."
"Calls the dog her 'animal companion.'"
"Doesn't bathe because soap is made from oil and she wants to reduce her carbon footprint."
"You can see why she's a single mom."
"Fortunately, Dad was a regular guy."
"An Alex P. Keaton type."
"Maybe that's how I got my name."
"Look, about this Iraq thing."
"Can I sign up now?"
"I know I'm little and all and way underage."
"But you gotta save me. She's a loon."

If I were Move On I would have saved the ad until mid-October about the time we hit 5000 KIA in Iraq.

drlobojo said...

Thanks ER. I wasn't really gone. I was out in the high plains and mountains of New Mexico and Colorado taking pictures of steam trains and collecting strange artifacts. All of which will appear here in due time.

drlobojo said...

Here is Bill O'Reilly's take on the ad:
"In the ad, a young mother holding a baby says, "Hi, John McCain, this is Alex and he's my first . . . So, John McCain, when you say you would stay in Iraq for a hundred years, were you counting on Alex? Because, if you were, you can't have him."
I know, you think I'm making that up. No way.
These loopy MoveOn people spent more than one-half million dollars making and marketing the ad. No word on what Baby Alex's cut was.
My question is this: Who on earth would take that message seriously? What kind of voter is that supposed to reach?"

Me! Bill, Me, and anybody that has seen their babies and other's babies die for nothing!

So why can't the "Bill's" get it?
Have some of us gotten so far away from our humanity, that we can't see this?

Often when I listen to the war lovers, I hear the faint echo of all those cavalier Southern and Northern Gentlemen willing to sacrifice others for "the cause".