Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mississippi River Deep and Wide

My daughter is in post graduate work at LSU. Yesterday she sent these pictures taken two blocks from her home.
The water on the right is the Mississippi River. The asphalt road on top, is a bike path ON TOP of the river levy. On the left, 25 feet lower than the top of the levy is the edge of the LSU campus. Can you say, get wet.
We got 5 inches of rain here in the last three days. It is raining almost constantly somewhere in the Mississippi drainage basin right now. It is all headed down to the Mississippi River.

My daughter has sent me some updates and more pictures.
This is what the levee looked like in December from the River's side. The Mississippi is off to the
left and down 20 feet further.
More perspective. This is looking from the top of the levee out towards the River.
Enlarge the picture by clicking on it and note hubby type person by the edge of the river waving.

This is what the River looks like from the LSU side of the River just down from my daughter's home. A road is in the foreground, the bike path is at the top of the levee and the water in the river is about even with the bottom of the trees in the photo. I'm not sure how much sleep I could get in a house with 20 feet of water above it two blocks away.

This is at Levee top again normally you drive on dry land to get to this place. Now it is an island in a River 43 feet above flood stage. In the last few days the level has dropped to 35 feet above flood stage.


BB-Idaho said...

"We got 5 inches of rain here in the last three days." Up this way that would be a deluge: Since Jan 1, we have had a total of 2.5". Normal would be 5" YTD. Third year of a drought. If we fed the Mississipi it would be an intermittant stream....

drlobojo said...

We were in that mode about 15 years ago. Lost a tree and a bunch of plants. Don't know about this current weather though. At least all of our reserviors are full and the rechargeable aquifers are doing well. Some are so deep, that we are 'mining' them however.

I've kinda been waiting for the Mississippi River to change course most of my life. About 800 years ago it went to the Gulf a hundred twenty five miles west of where it is now. Back in the 1950's and again in the 60's it tried to re-establish itself there again. But modern marvels stopped it. We are holding it in place now. That however, is but an illusion that will be resolved soon.