Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reverend Wright "Calls Out The Press Club" and reaffirms God's ability to be God

OK, in his speech to the National Press Club, which I have read ALL of and watched on C-Span ALL of the Reverend Wright speech, called out the Press Club and played a one way dozens on them. (The Press Club didn't seem to know the rules).

At the end of his appearance he had the following exchange in the Q&A.

"MODERATOR: Do you think it is God's will that Senator Obama be president?

REVEREND WRIGHT: I said I would offer myself for candidacy for vice president. I have not offered myself for candidacy of God. I can't presume to know what God would want.

In my tradition, however, what everybody has been saying to me as it pertains to the candidacy is what God has for you is for you. If God intends for Mr. Obama to the president, then no white racists, no political pundit, no speech, nothing can get in the way, because God will do what God wants to do. "

OK, OK, so I'm sending this our to my wife and kids. Stop worrying! Honey, don't send any more contributions to the Obama campaign. Kids, you don't really need to waste your time volunteering for the cause. It is in God's hands. Reverend Wright has spoken, "God will do what God wants to do." All we can do means nothing then. So, to my family, cool it guys.

As for me, I think I'll go ahead and support and work for Hillary.

Source for speech:

Proof of Genetic Load

Genetic Load: The reduction in selective value for a population compared to what the population would have if all individuals had the most favored genotype. It is normally stated in terms of fitness as the reduction in the mean fitness for a population compared to the maximum fitness.

Durant Ingenuity.

Mutation Load: Mutation load is caused when a mutation at a locus produces a new allele of either lesser or greater fitness. This lowers the average fitness of the population; a deleterious mutation has a lower relative fitness, lowering average load, while an advantageous mutation effectively lowers the relative fitness of the existing allele, and thus also lowers average fitness.

Special needs often are shown early in life. Here is a forth grade example.

Creationist Criticism: Some creationist (such as Henry Morris)) have suggested that mutational load would increase over time and thus make populations inviable. Morris's continued attacks on evolutionary theory and methodologies is proving his point.

Native America, is a State slogan for Oklahoma. Sometimes it is hard to tell who is a mixed blood in Oklahoma. Other times it is not, especially if the blood is mixed only within the immediate family.

Latimer County Foot bridge. The Police report says he did "walk" out on it first to see if it was safe.

The Calculation:
Genetic load is a number between 0 and 1 and it measures the extent to which the average individual in a population is inferior to the best possible kind of individual. The genetic load equals the relative chance that an average individual will die before reproducing because of the deleterious genes that it possesses. Ignoring frequency-dependent selection, it is calculated as follows:
The general formula for genetic load (L) is as follows:
L = (Wopt - v) / Wopt
If all the individuals in the population have the optimal genotype, then v = Wopt and the load is zero. If all but one have a genotype of zero fitness then v = 0 and L = 1.

Dorm repair Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

To paraphrase the Hen and the Egg "colliery", a Moron is a Moron's way of Making Other Morons.

The police report stated that he claimed by spuenching down he could see through the lattice.

Why is the man smiling? Is it the log between his legs? Could it be his wife and dog were in the pickup cab at the time? One can only hope there are not children at home.

No, No, I have never done this! But I have seen ER do it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Flea and a Cat's Eye

As I have said before I started out my love for photography 45 years ago with a 4x5 Graflex camera about the size and weight of a house. So indulge me as I marvel about the things a reasonably inexpensive digital camera can do these day.

Visa, my cat, came and sat in my lap the other day while I was fiddling with my Sony Digital Camera. So I took some pictures of her eyes. If you think that is easy to get a cat to let you do that, try it.
As I was petting on her I noticed that she had brought in a flea from the outside. So I caught it and killed it and of course I photographed it. 20 years ago I would have to have used different, film, lenses, and extension rings and filters and a tripod to take these pictures. Today I just adjust a couple of settings and click away. Gee, I wonder what I can do with a camera in another 45 years? Maybe we can replicate the object completely and pass it around then.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


"Old Masser pink toes hasn't stopped using slaves... He has just
moved them further away from the big house."
---Zora Hurston

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